Temp Ban or Perm Ban

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Should small bans like this be allowed on EMC?

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Yes 11 vote(s) 84.6%
No 2 vote(s) 15.4%
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Recently I was discussing a different server with a friend on EMC. The next day when I try to enter EMC it tells me I am "Banned for advertising other severs." I'm not sure if this is permanent or not, but if so is there anyway to fix it? Someone please respond!!!!

  3. You were permabanned
    Reason: Advertising and Caps
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  4. wow ok pm a mod to try a ban appeal! dont talk about other servers on EMC....
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  5. Usually it is listed as a permanent ban- But it can be appealed. Be more Careful!
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  6. LOL!

  7. only hope for you is to try out that server you where talking about since you got banned...
    hope it was worth it.
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  8. Next time you /tell the person or let them on your res and do /rc!

    EDIT: The dark green is to hard to see, so I switched to lime green!
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  9. I'm just really mad because it took me ages to find this..........
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  10. EDIT: they do have 'small bans', or temp-bans already. no need for the poll.
  11. Oh my apologies.
  12. i voted no to annoy you
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  13. Woa that was you!?!
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  14. whoa i just now realized that your name is Dogs R Nice, i always thought it was Dogs N Rice XD
    and i dont even have dsylexia! LOL!
  15. Are you blind or near-sighted in anyway?
  16. We do have tempbans, as already stated previously. If you wish to appeal this decision, then simply PM a moderator and they will see your appeal. This thread will now be locked.
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