Temp Ban Is Not Working

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  1. So on Thursday night I was banned for abusing the report system, I only reported 2 people in an hour.
    I waited the 24 hours and when i wanted to go back on this morning it said 22 hours left, meaning he banned me again and I hadn't even gotten back on yet. 5Sweety_ banned me both times, I don't get it, please help.
  2. Anyone please?
  4. I believe there is a thing known as a PM. Also, there is a staff online now list. Thank You.
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  5. how do i PM on forums
  6. You posted this literally 13 minutes ago, chances are no mod has even seen it. This should be brought up in a conversation. You should start one with 5Sweety_ to address the situation.
  7. In the upper right part of the page there is a tab like thing labeled "Inbox". Click on that. there should then be something in orange letters saying "start a conversation". Click on that.
    Edit: A link saying Start a conversation.
  8. A Link*. Some people changed their theme :)
  9. Your ban was 2 days (as this is the standard ban time for report abuse), just it didn't show up correctly on /p.
  10. I reported 2 people in one hour whats wrong with that
  11. One person was insulting me and the other was spamming me
  12. You can contact 5weety for the exact reason you were banned. However quantity isn't generally the reason for being banned for report abuse.
  13. I contacted 5weety but he wont respond I did nothing wrong i report people for what you tell me to report them for,
  14. Not to come off the wrong way, but they do have a /ignore for a reason. Just thought I'd remind those who don't know of it.

    Harassing you, would be different from spam in my opinion.
  15. It could take a little while for 5weety to respond, as she's no online 24/7. :)
  16. I know that's the problem so why cant you fix it!
  17. Because I can't summon 5weety from the depths of Australia and force her to be instantly available to the EMC community. :)
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  18. So she is the only one who can unban me, you cant or somethin
  19. 5weety banned you, so she is the only one who has the right to unban you.
  20. that sucks