Temp Ban Is Not Working

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  1. So yesterday i was temporarily banned for "abusing the report system" even though I only reported 2 people in an hour for good reasons. So 24 hours later when it should've been lifted it says i have 22 hours to go, does this mean the ban is just gonna be going on forever because its a glitch or am I missing something?
  2. I think you should ask IcecreamCow about this and not put this in the Suggestion Box.
  3. Temp ban is defiantly working

    I would say the mod or Admin that temp banned you just added more time onto it
  4. .. i have never in my life read something so great. *high five*
  5. Why would they add time to it though I only reported 2 people, sorry that this is in suggestion box go a little
  6. Maybe you did something that made the moderator add 24 more hours? And anyway, I doubt that it has been 24 hours. I suspect you are just saying this to get unbanned. Wait until your ban is over and if it is a glitch and you are being honest, PM Icecreamcow.
  7. I can wait, and yes i was banned Thursday night
  8. It's an issue with Square/the ban system. I can't remember the exact details, but I think when the length is made "1 day" it's actually 48 hours, even though when you're banned it says 24 hours. :)
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  9. Thank You that's helpful!