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  1. Hey guys!
    I was thinking about something, and I would love to hear your opinion.

    I was thinking about selling used armor. Today it is pretty hard to find good armor for PVP or wild, so I think it would be great for people(even for me) to start selling used armor (it could be from any kind of course) and- be cheaper!

    Thank you guys for reading this...

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  2. I think this would be an ok idea considering everyone likes cheap. It would be good for people with a low budget that can't afford the fancy OP armor.
  3. I think players sell used armor thats really OP, you just have to be lucky :)

    But its an ok idea
  4. Good idea but extremely impractical. Price points will change based on armor wear. With anywhere between 70 and 2500 points of possible wear across all armor pieces, it's really tough to program the feature in such a way where you can assign price points - even among ranges.
  5. Everybody loves cheap, including me. It's great.
    Cheap means not over priced or not exspinsve.
    So, if it where Diamond Armor, I think you should make it like 245 if you're trying to go cheap.
    I've had exprince with this, I would know.
    If you need help, start a conversation with me, please.
    Also, if you want to well armor, do an auction. It's the best thing, and on EMC (The server) tell them the Thread Auction Website, and then they'll look at it and buy it. Tell them first, then do the website. Also, if you're trying to do multiple auctions, just edit this Thread.
    It's not worth using a different Thread over and over again. Besides, you can get introuble for doing that. Spam is aginest the rules, even on this website. It's happened to me before, people told me this, they where right. Anyways, enjoy your day.

    Also, for the title name, no need for caps. Caps are also against EMC rules

    Also, I saw you made anther Thread an hour later. Space out your threads, do threads like every 3 hours, not have hour. (People tols me to do that.) They have a rule for "do threads every 3 hours"

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  6. Mistake by me, very sorry. I spamed.
  7. Personally, and this may be because I have a fairly large amount of money on the server, I would not buy used armor. Unless it is the best armor you can possibly obtain and only a little bit used (still green bar), I am not going to purchase it. To be honest, if you're looking to start an enchant shop, I would sell enchanted books, normal gear, and exp potions. This is so your customers can put whatever enchants they want on their armor.
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  8. Yes, I agree with everything you say.
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  9. Thanks, I try :p
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  10. why would people buy used armor? unless it was promo's?
  11. Only reason I can think of is to repair armor they already have.
  12. I don't buy armor much, I just buy enchanted books and use the XP from slaying mobs. It wouldn't effect me that much.
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  13. 1 diamond=110r
    They are looking to sell USED armour and that cant be auctioned
    There is no limit to how many threads you make, you can make 2 in one hour then take a break, aslong has your not constatnly msking them and spamming the forums its fine
  14. This would be good for PvP because in PvP armor won't take durability damage, but in the wild people want armor that is strong, lasts long, and has a good amount of protection on it. Selling Used armor for the wild probably won't get much business...but a very good and creative idea for PvP :)