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  1. Hello
    I'm sure you have ever had this painful problem where you set up a spawn really far from spawn and you die and you don't know your way back or (your like me) and you hate really long train rides around the frontier!
    My solution to this problem is to have teleports in the wild just like the town.
    Please comment your thoughts on this and take the poll!
  2. /compass death or /compass bed
    get a compass with /assist new

    The only form of teleporting we will be adding is Teleports to Established Empire's Outpost headquarters in the future.
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  3. If it's not established you're doomed?

  4. Apart from Aikar's suggestion (which is really the best out of these!) don't forget about /dlog as well; this will show you your last death point.

    Now, I could be stating the obvious here, but just to make sure (Aikar also hinted at this): bring a bed with you! If you're out in the Frontier (your base for example) then be sure to use a bed. This can be done all the time (even during the day) and will set your spawnpoint to that location. So that if you die somewhere out there then you won't respawn somewhere else.
  5. Teleporting to and from I assume? To be able to teleport there but not back might be a bit problematic, but I suppose you can kill yourself to get back.
  6. I'd imagine that if it was to be added it would be both ways but limited only to a small area. As much as I'd love to be able to teleport from anywhere in my outpost, it might be too much.
  7. I was thinking you could only do it within, say, ten blocks of the place you teleport to.
  8. Ya something like that. I thought it was mentioned, as an example, that the initial HQ might be something like 3x3 area, and teleporting could only be done from any of those 9 blocks to town and back.
  9. Teleporting 'to' is not so hard, since the end portal works fantastically to pop you back into your spawn point with no loss of items - it's 'from' that I*m really looking forward to, my outpost is pretty far out and takes around 10 minutes travel to town from (via the nether).
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  10. Id like to be able to use /vault here and there but for me to get back to civilization takes me about half an hour? Long trip bad things can happen within that time frame.

    I can understand why we dont have commands but sometimes they would be handy ; )
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  11. I like this ides make cartable teleports! make use like nether stars and stuff and totally add this...I hate the ride to carthaga
  12. Hi when I was in carthaga I did sleep in a bed but when I died I went back to a spawn... but not the right frontier spawn...
  13. BUMPY ;P
  14. Sounds like your bed was in a spot that wouldn't allow you to spawn back at the bed. Try putting the bed somewhere else, in a more open spot away from walls.
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  15. To bump or not to bump, that is the question...