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  1. I have a what i feel is a decent idea. A Res to Spawn Teleport, But to access this feature you need to become a supporter. Just like the res bonus you get for support. Iron you would get one teleport, at Gold you would get 2, and at Diamond you would be able to place 4 res to spawn teleports. Let me know what you think. Is this even a possible thing to do?
  2. Basically a shortcut for /town? If so, you can make a teleport sign with:

    First line: [Teleport]
    Second line: spawn_town
  3. i meant more to a Frontier base or Farm
  4. There are currently plans for something like this to exist for established and protected areas when land claiming in the frontier becomes available.

    See Aikar's Vision for the Future of EMC post for more details.
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  5. thank you krysyy