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  1. What is this "tekkit minecraft" thing? I've seen it be talked about a lot and seen pictures but... It looks like plain ol' minecraft...

    Someone help me by telling me what it is exactly?
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  2. idk...
    all ive heard:
    1. u can do lots of stuff not available in vanilla.
    2. VERY taxing on a server.
    3. Denied on empire MANY times
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  3. It adds alot of things to minecraft, electricity power, nuclear power, generators, its just adds soo much things, also there are quarrys in it mines by itself,
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  5. oh cool.. then I don't like tekkit...

    I've seen this mods and it aint my type.
  6. At first it is confusing then u start to use it more and learn it
  7. Tekkit is a modded version of minecraft it has oil drilling more ores dark matter and red look it up google it! and if you want me to show you add me onskype pmme if you need it if you have skype tekkit is awesome thoe :)
  8. You know what... I'll try it!!!

    How do I start using this tekkit stuff...?
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  9. goto this link http://www.technicpack.net/tekkit/ download it and if it says cant find java derectory tell me ill pm you if you want my tekkit server ill make you a admin if you do if the tekkit errors tell me ill help
  10. Tekkit is NOTHING like vanilla MC. It adds many mods like Equivalent Exchange, RedPower, BuildCraft, IndustrailCraft, ComputerCraft, RailCraft and more to make your Minecraft experience more difficult and long lasting. You could play this mod pack for days and days without end and only scratch its surface. I love playing on my friends server. It is so much fun and a mod worth using.
  11. Doesnt make mc difficulty harder its funner :p i play most ofthe day i run a tekkit server once you got a energy condencer your set or a swift wolf rending gale and some quantom armor :)
  12. Mining laser is my favorite op thing in tekkit and yes tekkit is a little op