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Do you like tekkit?

yes 12 vote(s) 50.0%
no 12 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. i am not asking for the Empire to make a tekkit server.

    for the people who dont know what tekkit is, or want it: http://www.technicpack.net/

    i just made my own server, and was wondering if anyone wanted to try it.
    to get the IP, say so here.
  2. -_- Tekkit was sooooo three months ago!
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  3. I have never brought myself round to actually trying it... i must one day! xD
  4. He just said he is not suggesting EMC make a Tekkit server, but that he started one.
  5. If EMC ever adds Tekkit, it'll be completely different from the other SMP's, just like the PVP update will be. :)
  6. Oh, my apologizes, read wrong :p
    I would try it then :D
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  7. just let me know if your interested :D
  8. it may be old, but its still popular :p
  9. I prefer FTB. More stuff, harder, and more exploration possibilities! Also, so many new farm-able items. that, and the makers of Tekkit never asked any of the mod makers about using the mods.
  10. i guess ill switch over then. my only problem is, i know someone with a FTB server, who blamed me for someone elses actions and banned me. plus, i like plugins :p

    if you over look all the downsides at tekkit, its fun.
  11. I just don't like Tekkit because within 2 hours on Hard difficulty I reached the complete Endgame. It is to easy. Also, you would own the FTB server. I just which I could find a small private server like what the Mindcrackers have.
  12. Another thread about tekkit
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand... It's gone
  13. not yet :pP i guess ill switch to FTB, i just hate to copy someone else, using the same map as me too xD
  14. But please don't make more Tekkit threads...
  15. im not, its just one tekkit thread. and the only reason im doing tekkit is, as stated before, someone else has one.

    by someone, i mean message me on skype for details. :p
  16. I'm just saying that you should haven't made this thread because there are like 1234618279 threads already about tekkit. But it's ok as long as you don't make more threads about it.
  17. I think You should not advertise other servers here
  18. Well he sin't advertising any server, is he?
  19. its not advertising. as im not posting the IP here. and go away you guys with your negativity. leave this thread for people interested.
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