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  1. I think that there should be a special tekkit server for the empire. However, vault would not work, and there would be pvp enabled. However, everything else would remain the same
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  2. Its been suggested many times. Would this be the fourth time someone suggested tekkit server?And i feel this thread isn't going to end well...
  3. A tekkit server has been suggested many, many times and the answer is always no.
  4. A new rule should be added:


    Permanent suggestion forums ban if broken :)
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  5. It's probably the over 9000th.
  6. Upon clicking "Report", you should be given the option "Tekkit Suggestion. Again."
  7. No. For the last time, no! How many times does this need to be suggested for people to GIVE UP HOPE! There needs to be a thread sticky-ed telling people to not suggest tekkit!
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  8. To be honest, it should be acknowledged that there is a reason there are so many posts about Tekkit.
    I think the general Minecraft population is starting to look for alternative gameplay styles, as on MCF I see ever increasing numbers of threads saying how "Minecraft is dead this..." or "Useless new features that...".
    People in those situations often look to mods (Modifications not Moderators) to find the fun in Minecraft again, but once you have had all these extra features, when you take them away what is left? Not a huge amount when a mod like Tekkit triples the amount of blocks and items available. No wonder these people are unhappy!
    If Empire Minecraft ever fully endorsed a modded server of any kind, it wouldn't help anyone except the modded server. Tekkit is a great concept, but isn't well enough supported and is pretty unstable.

    From a business point of view, Tekkit would be bad.
    From a player's point of view, Tekkit would be good.
    It's just one of those things.

    Now 1.5 represents a new era of Minecraft gameplay. Mojang are pretty sure the Official Modding API will be added but what features are actually included is another question. It may just turn out to be another Bukkit, but hopefully it will offer support for Client-Server Modifications through an official API. This may well allow EMC to add a "Modified" server to it's huge range, but we will have to see when the time comes!
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