Ted's Redstone Service

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  1. Tell em the project ill tell you a price cause there are many redstone inventions out there to many to lost so just tell me yours and ill give u a price.

    Have fun :D
  2. A fully-automatic visually authentic spin-the-wheel gambling/entertainment machine. Payment could be a diamond. multiple prizes automatically given to player.
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  3. Payment is gonna be more........... but i will do that
  4. Oh, I think I confused you. "Payment could be in diamond" was referring to the payment method of the fully-automatic machine. It takes a diamond, you spin the wheel, you win/loose and receive your prize (if any).

    What would you charge to build this?
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  5. Lol how about 2k? and what server and res is this going on?
  6. I'm not sure you understand the extent of this job. :) 2k isn't nearly enough. more like 50k. I should talk to you more about it, and explain how I imagine it would work.

    I've play-tested various parts of the whole machine, but have not yet put it all together.
  7. let me do dome testing in a SP world
  8. I
    Well ima tell u that i have no clue o this so go ask I_Clutch_Zombies to make one cause ik he can
  9. OK :)

    No biggy. I will eventually build this and other fun gambling/casino/entertainment things. It's just I have so many other things to build first. Would be helpful to have someone do some of it for me lol
  10. Actually while i was eating i came up witha genius idea s let me test it in sp and we will see
  11. HUGE storage system with input from 4 places (200+ DCs)
  12. 100k?
    Note: This is a huge project and may need to compact the design not sure
  13. What if I supply the materials?
  14. I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with, as I want something like this also. (But hoppers transfering single items at a time is not going to be fast enough, and the redstone lag is immense).
  15. I may have a idea for yours and it shall work good for what your thinking
  16. 50k?
  17. is it ok if u manually have to reset it by removing and replacing a reapeter?
  18. yes, that matters. must be fully automatic. Why would you need to replace a repeater? I can auto-turn clocks on/off if that's what it is.
  19. the way this is setup i may need to add some extra stuff let me test this out
  20. well this thing doesnt always move the blocks and if it does it moves 1-2 blocks so its not like one that goes around and around and then just stops............
    I suggest asking I_Clutch_Zombies to do u one