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  1. I will make the following things:
    A house = 1.5k

    These farms are semi automatic
    A small farm = 1k (15 blocks long and 5 blocks width)
    A medium farm = 1.5k (20 blocks long and 10 blocks width)
    A large farm = 3k (40 blocks long and 20 blocks width)
    Tree farm = 3k

    xp/drop farms
    Iron farm = 5k per cell a good amount of cells is usually 8 which is 2 iron farms
    Skeleton spawner = 2k
    zombie spawner = 1k
    cave spider spawner = 3k

    labor work
    Terraforming areas in wild and in town

    looking for 2 employees to help out <<<<
  2. Tree farm. 3k
    Smp9 19373
  3. ok ill be there in a sec finishing up some buisness with a buddy.
  4. Ur order is done if you could please give me a rate on your feedback and pay have a great day with your new tree farm :D
  5. Rate: 6/10 great service and amazing speed

    The tree farm uses LOTS of bone meal
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  6. How much does this make per hour? (8 cells)
  7. its hard to say but but roughly 1 golem every 3 minutes but if i do a 16 cell it is 1 golem every minute and a hlaf
  8. sorry forgot to reply but read above
  9. ok. What if I want it on utopia?
  10. well i cant do that cause im not going to pay for suporter so sorry but i can do it on any other server.
  11. How efficient are your XP farms?
    Do we have to find the spawner, or will you find it?
  12. What's the most cells you can have on an iron farm?
  13. i can amke one as many cells but its just gonna cost u more but it will be more efficient just make sure there are no villages near
  14. You find the spawner and depends on what type of spawner
  15. 64-cells? Yeah that's a bit rediculous but can you do it?
  16. The usual max is 27, the maximum max is 36.
  17. I see. How much would it cost for 36 cells in the end?
  18. i asked people they said no max but ok lol
  19. up to ted here, ;) I was just sharing some info.
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