Tech Support Scammer VS Virtual Machine

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  1. Boredom struck me a while ago, so I decided to waste a bit of time of these tech support scammers that want you to pay them a ton of money to fix problems that never existed. I let him onto my Virtual Machine and went trolololol on him.

    I'm aware of the audio issue with it being hard to hear the scammer, so I'll try to fix that if I do this again.

    I'd take any feedback you have other than the audio issue I'm already aware of. Troll ideas? Odd things to say? Let me know :p

  2. Oh my god I'm crying
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  3. This was hilarious :D
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  4. Wow this is great
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  5. Bump it up
  6. That was interesting, I guess :p
    At first I was like "But why would he be a scammer?" but yeah... things happened :p
    No spoilers! :rolleyes:
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  7. There are no words.
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  8. Good or bad thing? lol
  9. You can take it however you like :p