(Tech Help) removal of void fog

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  1. I'm getting to where I can't stand the void fog anymore. It's like playing on my laptop. I use magic launcher and widows 7. Any help would be appreciated. Please be specific.
  2. im pretty sure you can make a setting in optifine os you dont have void for if that helps
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  3. alex_jacob is correct.. if you use Optifine, it has the option for voidfog removal.
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  4. Yeah on Optifine theres a setting called Fog Start and set it to 0.8
  5. yea thanks for clearifingy it because i wasnt forsure about it
  6. Can I use optifine and magic launcher together?
  7. Yes, in fact, the optifine team recommends magic launcher.
  8. Or the control pack mod :)
  9. edit: it says some mods are not compatible. ? It shows a log, I click close, then nothing. How do I know which version is compatible?
  10. I find the magic launcher to just be a pain if anything but useful so I recommend manual installation if you're having issues. :)
  11. Do I need WinRaR to manualy install?
  12. or 7-zip
  13. You are correct. If you have Optifine, you can go to your Options > Video Settings > Details > Depth Fog: off.
  14. So the reason I am getting "Not Compatible" is because I don't have anything to unzip the file. Guess I'll buy winRaR.
  15. You can use the free trial of WinRar.
  16. You shouldn't have to buy anything... just get 7-Zip or the winRaR trial. :)

    Darn you, Josh. You and your faster response time.
  17. just use 7-zip! its awesome and free.
  18. lol we all posted at the same time almost :p
  19. Ok I'm downloading 7-zip. Where should I install it to?