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Teamspeak server for EMC?

Yes 8 vote(s) 72.7%
No 3 vote(s) 27.3%
  1. Hello everyone,
    I have an available teamspeak server with a capacity of 30 players. I can arrange the teamspeak server like:
    ( * Main Category) ( - sub category)
    - Smp1
    - Smp2
    - all other names here

    I would like to ask the staff if that would be possible ?
    And what do you guys think about this ?
  2. You do know that EMC has 350 players on most of the time? So that wouldn't fit.
  3. From my experience , there's never that many people using the voice chat and it's upgradable.
  4. Yes, teamspeak is better
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  5. However if the servers teamspeak isnt currently on or (if they have some much other thing to do ) I can make one for EMC. I just need an approval.
  6. I appreciate you wanting to help out the EMC community with this. We have had several people do it before but it never really stuck. I am currently in the process of looking into doing an official one for EMC. Why is Teamspeak better ? Can people who are used to this give me pros and cons of the two?
  7. Teamspeak has a really simple interface even I can understand. It is a lot more well known so is more trusted. I've found that is uses a lot less computer resources to run a server.
  8. I think Aikar is about to send you a message about his Mumble server, as he has one and its free to host (As far as I am aware) He wanted to make his server the general one for EMC.
  9. I would not use mumble as I have had bad experiences with it before.
  10. I would be happy to look into alternatives but I would rather pay for something commercial in most cases.
  11. Why couldn't you host it on the Main EMC databasey thingy. With 15 people on it used 59mb of RAM, You hardly need to spend out $40 a month to have one hosted.
  12. Firslty I wouldnt even speak about ventrillo. I do think it has nothing better then teamspeak. Teamspeak is majorly based on visuals. It has more choices for grouping ( server and chanel groups) . Illcut it short there are even applications for teamspeak which you can open in a selected game. Plus I think teamspeak is better for mac users like me. I would like to say if teamspeak is facebook ventrillo is myspace :D and justin you should make a teamspeak server because ventrillo users would join too however teamspeak users would not download ventrillo and join (thats what i think no offence)

    Ps: justin please make a mobile forum its quite hard to write like this thanks :)
  13. Mumble is widely used atm, its better in many ways than teamspeak and ventrilo :D But I guess Aikar will have a chat with you soon.
  14. We would host it ourselves for sure
  15. S0 is teamspeak, I tried mumble out once and within 15 minutes I got DOS'ed and people tried to send me a trojan, So I wouldn't use it.
  16. Guys dont skip my last post :D 3 posts above
  17. Teamspeak has the option to download it for non-profit I.E online gaming, Guilds. As I found when I downloaded the server to host one for me and my friend. You don't need a commercial license.