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  1. I offered it , so here it is , a 35 slot Ventrilo server for everyone to enjoy. If you aren't familiar with ventrilo it's a chat server , a bit like skype but with channels. There's an FAQ on the website if you need more information to set it up.

    I would like to state a few specific rules related to voice chat , it goes without saying , stay as polite as you would in EMC forums/servers.

    - Please wear a headset at all times.
    - Please use a push to talk key.
    - Don't yell.
    - Be respectful when joining a channel.

    If you are part of a group of players and would like a private channel when you go adventuring or for meetings please let me know via private messages , i will set it up as soon as possible.

    If you have any questions go for it.


  2. There are usually more than 200 people online at EMC so if we would need a vent server we need more slots.
  3. No we don't.
    If needed i will add additional slots. But most people don't use voice chat. You are welcome.
  4. It's been brought up several times this past few days and no one suggested there was an established one. It's already paid for , so whoever prefers Ventrilo can use it.
  5. Well. There is one. It just isn't that well known about, But it has been up for a long while.
  6. Two is better one.
  7. It just makes it more spread out with less people :)
  8. Well , i had good intentions.
  9. says it "failed to connect"
  10. Guys, no-ones idea is better. I think Teamspeak is crap, but I think Ventrillo is crap too. I use Mumble. Where's my server?

    You've both made honourable efforts to get a VOIP server up for EMC. You'll both appeal to different people, depending on what program they use.

    The truth of the matter is that there is no EMC VOIP server. There are individual efforts, but none are officially supported meaning they are unreliable. ISMOOCH's one was down, so nothing is infallible.
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  11. Tho, making all different VOIP servers wont work. If we need one we need one hosted by Justin so its acknowledged by EMC.
  12. It was shown with Smooch's teamspeak where there was never more then 10 people on.
  13. Yeah, I can tell you that with running one that had plenty enough slots to support online players, it wound up being more trouble than fun to keep a running server up... it had a good run.. but its just difficult.. and people just dont use it XD.. but then again.. that was 5 servers and nearly 8,000 members ago so good luck to you.
  14. He nicely made it for people who want to be on it. u guys done need to bash him. he went through all this effort, its the least you could do.
  15. I agree with this, where as multiple VOIP attempts have been made in the past and have never taken off, it should never discourage someone from trying again, I was just simply sharing my experience with it.
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  16. VOIP would probably be well received if it was an offical, EMC ran and organised server with a Community vote as to which program to base it on: Teamspeak, Ventrillo or Mumble if it provided the ability for users to create private rooms.

    Of course, you need to remember that only a small percentage of the Community comes on the Forums which means that actually, a large part of the EMC playerbase isn't interested in interacting in any great scale.
  17. Well, the server as it stands is full hands thing to manage. It is almost selfish to ask the creators to make a side project of something like a VOIP service that in all accounts, shows very little attention. At one time.. my server was the only one. And I do believe SillWhiteMage is right in saying that the most at any one time was 10 people. And the total number of unique users was not much larger than that. There were regulars that hung out there, and they really did try to promote it. I did my best to give it attention. However, as much fun as I have talking to the wonderful people of the Empire, there are more pressing Minecraft things to take care of that the staff should focus its attention. I created my server out of my volition, and was about as official as I could really get it, without me being Justin or Jeremy.

    On that note, I would like to say that its not something that will not happen, just the rate that the Empire has grown, and shows promise to grow, there are just not enough hands to worry about a not completely necessary addition. Justin would never want to "Officially" release a product that could not live up to the EMC name, and right now, that's just not in the writing. So player run, is just really how it has to happen at the moment.
  18. Wooooooooooooo!