TEAMSPEAK SERVER - 24/7 - 150 slots - Not so official but still awesome!?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by warchicken, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. After teaching myself to set up a teamspeak server I've done it!

    >>Because a MC-server THIS big can't go without a ts server! :)

    Connect to : (no port required)

    ALL EMC rules apply here!
    It's also mandatory to have push to talk, to do this click Settings > Options > Capture and choose push to talk.

    - For now, it's purely a test server (amount of ram, connection, permissions)
    - Special permissions for Supporters coming soon!
    - Please post any bugs here

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  2. Good idea, but TS adds a different aspect to the game. Moderating, age differences, etc. I'll probably stick to typing in game to communicated but good idea all the same!
  3. Wooh i got on but i tried to make it push to talk but it didnt work.
  4. Puuuuuush to taaaaalk
  5. warchicken I think Justin was gonna set up a VO-IP server soon, might wanna talk to him about it :)
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  6. ya i choose it to make enter the push to talk then clicked ok but it didnt work
  7. I know, but he wants to use Mumble, so I'll try to persuade him :)
  8. I aggree we should use the teamspeak its really nice just wish there were more people on.
  9. it's only 20 minutes old !

    I'll be going to bed soon so it'll be empty..

    Hope to see more peepz on tomorrow
  10. I've never used Teamspeak nor Mumble & Murmur, but considering that M&M is open source and not proprietary, like Teamspeak, I can't help but give support to the M&M idea. Also, from what little reading I did, M&M simply seems better. Again, though, I have no first-hand experience with either.
  11. Supporting Open Source software is always a good thing but judging software over the fact that it's open-source is wrong.
    Open source doesn't necessarily mean it's better.
    Let me tell you that mumble might have better latency and options to merge the ranks from EMC into it, teamspeak has a better interface, larger userbase, is easier to set-up and manage and is very user-friendly.

    The latency advantage that Mumble offers (murmur is the server, not the client) is only convenienth in competitive gaming, and it's at the cost of voice quality.
  12. A large userbase doesn't really mean anything =P Mumble is new, TS has years ahead of it for userbase, so of course its bigger.

    Mumble is also extremely easy to setup and very user friendly too... Can't say thats a pro for TS over mumble.

    As I said on IRC, User interface doesnt really count for anything for a VOIP program, because thats not its function. People want to connect and then minimize it and go back to the game.

    they both provide this feature equally as well. Its worthless to compare them.

    In the end, the user experience is the same for both really. Both are easy to setup, both easy to connect, both are simple and to the point.

    But Mumble will be able to integrate nicer, and its easier to just say "use your EMC username/password to login" then having people register and such for TS.

    But anyways... we have tons of servers already now

    Smooch has a teamspeak, I believe someone else does too, someone else has a ventrilo, I have a mumble.
  13. Eh, we need an official one.. One that everybody uses, I was shocked to learn this server didn't have a ts.

    There's also no real need for people to log in with their ingame details, what's the point really?
    And userbase is important in the sense that not everybody wants to have 4 voips programs on his computer.
    If 70 percent of the EMC community already has a TS client, well then it's safe to say a TS server is the way to go. (if that's the case)
    And as for the minimizing part, that's not true, ts is more than just 'that voip program you run in the background' I know quite some people who use it to chat too.
  14. People are going to do what they need to do to achieve what they want....

    Installing a program costs you nothing.

    But the point of the ingame details is to enable automatic groups. Supporters getting access to supporter only channels and features, staff automatically having admin permissions, permissions auto changing based on group changing.

    Mumble also has a chat feature :p

    As I said, they really are equal. I would of really said they were almost identical but you claim mumble has a latency benefit :p

    Theres also the issue that TeamSpeak may not be free for EMC as its a commercial product and limited scope on a free license which I don't know if EMC falls inline with, where as Murmur is completely free.
  15. Larger userbase? I have Mumble installed, but I have not (and have refused to) installed Teamspeak.

    Ventrilo is best for audio quality and I'm a big fan of it, but its def not free and costs a bit more to get setup.... and nowhere near as much integration support nor linux support.

    But with that link, mumble and TS are really about the same in quality but you can hear mumble has a slight better latency as you describe.

    Same quality, better latency, same functional UI (cause prettyness is absolutely worthless)
  17. People are lazy, really.

    EMC can use the free license without problems

    For what reason ? It's a bit narrow-sighted to refuse to try it.
  18. Nope, tried it in the past. It crashed, and burned on my system. Uninstalled it and will not try it again.
  19. It's their loss, not ours... What's it matter? The end goal is to provide a nice integrated experience of the same EMC quality and feel to the users. If choice of VOIP software is enough to make some people not bother with going on the official VOIP... its their loss not ours.

    I don't know. I don't think EMC counts as a non profit.... EMC is owned by Justin's LLC, and as far as I know has made no claims to be a non profit organization.[/quote]
  20. I also remember TS triggering keylogger alerts on alot of peoples antivirus on the days I used windows... I remember it triggered mine too lol.