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  1. So following the recent Firefloor event on SMP4, it has been brought to light that myself and RainbowChin attract cluster of folk, those who congregate towards the Rainbow maker have become known as TEAM TWERK. But no name has been presented for my own groups name.

    That is where you the community come in!

    Post your ideas for the name of my Firefloor 'team'!
  2. Team B4dman's

    Edit: First!
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  3. Team Bad Mansion
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  4. Either Team Treachery (Cuz it's kinda pirate-y and you're a piarte-skinned player) OR...
  5. T34M B4DM3N
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  6. SIMON SEZ !
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  7. Team I Couldn't Think of a Team Name
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  8. I say team Darksky
  9. Team Darksky was a youtube collab project that never got off the ground, when I'm back from field work I'll look into restarting it.
  10. I still say Team Darksky should be your team name for everything. I know what the original team darksky was, I helped out with the server.
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  11. Team Banana Hamsters
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  12. Team Mobster
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  13. 101 + timelord :p
  14. Team Psymon :3
  15. The badmen
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  16. Team Anti-Twerk
  17. Dosen't start with team but how about..

  18. B4DMAN CR3W
  19. I was thinking of that... Anyway, i sue you for copyright they are far to similar :p