Team Fortress 2!

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  1. Hi guys! Today, I decided to talk to you about a new game I found! So, my brother and his friends downloaded and he said to me "Hey, Why don't you download it to?" and I said, "Naw, Team Fortress 2 sounds boring.." But, then .. It didn't seem so boring. The way he was laughing, and having a great time made me want it.. so I downloaded it! Now, I play it too!

    I got this app from steam. It was completely free, which I thought was amazing! At first I try downloading FNAF1, but I play on a Mac.. so it wasn't possible. I can still play it on my iPad, though! Anyways, I was wondering if any of you guys played, and wanted to meet up with me! My username is HelloKittyRo16 or HelloKittyRo. I can't wait to see you online! Shoot me a PM when you wanna meet me! But, October 31rst I won't be playing because of Halloween. So please don't talk to me about this today. Anyways, I hope to meet up with you!

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  2. I currently play the game, but I prefer to keep my steam and emc separate. It is a fun game. I am annoyed that you must either buy a key or trade to get the newer Scream Fortress items
  3. Nice pun. "Shoot me a PM" :p

    I play TF2 not very often, mainly because of my potato of a laptop.
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  4. Ugh I hate that same thing! It's so freaking annoying :mad:
    Lol, potato.

    And I didn't realize that I put a pun in there.. :eek:
  5. This explains so much.