Team fortress 2

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  1. i got tf2 about a week a go and i was wondering if anyone played on it besides me :)
  2. cool also BUMP
  3. I used to play it.
  4. nice skin and cool
  6. if u want to add me on steam and we can play steam name name is cyazy_X_gamer
  7. I will inform my son. He is just_having_fun on minecraft, but he is billguythesciencenye on steam. He loves TF2 and has been playing a lot recently.
  8. cool :) i will add him to steam after homework
  9. Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill
    Bill Nye the Science Guy
  10. Lol i so want that hat
  11. Just wondering, anyone else get the "shooting the wind" achievement?
  12. Do you mean Shoot the Breeze? If so, then yes.
  13. Yeah thats what I meant
  14. I would play with you, just add me from my signature.... down there ↓
  15. Anyone play TF2? Only about a gajillion people :p

    My favorite maps are orange x3 and of course mario kart.
  16. If anyone is interested in joining me, On Saturday after 12pm (2pm if my History UIL Metting goes on forever. >>) CST, Imma be hosting a private server, and attempt to play all day long. :D
    If you are going to be one of those people, You just need hamachi, and Tf2. :D

    My current Hamachi Network:
    ID: Wanna_Dance?
    Password: Spoons (*Case Sensitive!*)
    Joining will be simple, I hope. Just open console, type "password {Whatever my pass will be at that time},hit enter, then type "Connect {My IPv4 here}" Then hit enter again! And you should be good to go! :D
    Note! The server will be populated with Bots, Prolly kick em all when everyone joins.*

    Plan on joining? Great! :D Friend me, tell me who you are on EMC, Done. :)

    *Depends on how many people actually connect. :p
  17. great to know :) also bump