[Team Fortress 2] A scout loadout

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  1. The scout, born in Boston and a baseball loving annoyance, this little man is good for his mobility and power. Today, I would like to show you a loadout and strategy for him.

    This is one part of the two part combo of this loadout.

    Knock back your oponents with the knockback, in case they have gotten too close for comfort... While using this beautiful scattergun, make sure to find a nice, safe place to reload... since it only has 2 shots per clip.


    This is the second part of the two part combo. Once you have damaged the opponent with your Force-A-Nature, finish them off with your pistol. Now you can make a quick getaway with the last item on this loadout....


    This item allows you to triple jump at the cost of 10 health. Not very good for attacking, but very good for mobility. NOTE: DO NOT TRIPLE JUMP WHILE HAVING 10 HP OR UNDER, DOING SO WILL KILL YOURSELF.

    Thank you ALL for listening. This loadout has been tested and is effective.
    Chair Senpai
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  2. I prefer these:
    • The Soda Popper
      • Want extra jumps without the damage? The Soda Popper allows that. All you must do is run! A fast reload time and firing speed does you justice.
    • Crit-a-Cola
      • Running and you see an angry enemy coming your way? Drink this and you deal mini-crits, run faster, and damage taken is reduced a bit in case you are overpowered and need to run away.
    • Baseball bat
      • I don't use meelee that often and this has no debuffs to slow you down.
    I guess it's all personal preference. ;)
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  3. I personally adore the Soda Popper for the shotgun, It gives you multiple jumps and has a very fast reload/firing speed. :)

    EDIT: Ninja'd! <3