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  1. Rather you like the youtubers or not, there has been lots of drama happening in team crafted. If you guys have not heard, Setosorcerer was kicked out of Team Crafted{Deadlox didn't vote him to be kicked) on August 12, because he stated "team crafted didn't like him because he was serious and not as funny as the rest of him." He also said how he was the lowest amount of subs and how he was not a good business person. I don't want to jump into conclusions, because there is three sides of the story. I want to know what you guys think about it.

  2. What is team crafted?
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  3. It is a form of minecraft youtubers that was made in Feburary and they just play as friends basically. What they are mainly doing is trying to get business opportunity and get more money, lol.
  4. Uh,
    am I the only one that is thinking about crafted movies here lol?
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  5. Not a fan of Team Crafted but this is really sad news.
    It is a stupid reason to kick someone. Business reasons. This proves that they only crave for money and not to entertain people with videos. I must say I was never a fan of Team Crafted but I have enjoyed some of Seto's videos.
  6. I've always strictly hated team crafted, but becoming a fan of Seto now
  7. you need to realize that there are 2 or more sides to every story. im not saying that seto is lying but i am saying stories and feelings change when you are angry. He got kicked mainly because he wanted to do only minecraft which is fine while the team crafted guys wanted to do other things including events skits ect. Other reasons include styles of recording. When people say they are greedy i think that it is just think it is false for the reasons that this isnt a get rich plan. Yes they make money off of there videos but how much do you think and how long do you think this will sustain them. not for to long anyway. I personally dont care all i want to see is people not getting out of hand not looking at this logically.
  8. Have fun and dont kill eachother over stupid crap peace out
  9. Still, just playing Minecraft and being serious was unique for Seto. He actually did sometimes make funny voices to make the viewers laugh. Now Seto has two major depressions because of this. Deadlox is really the only good one.
  10. hey im sitting in my chair laughing my a** off cause of this i dont care either way i just like to argue XD
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  11. Fat, don't be rude...
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