TDKR Opening Day Party

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mikeguy2225, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. As many of you know July 20th (in the U.S.) is the opening day of the movie, The Dark Knight Rises. I am a huge Batman fan (not like my skin gives it away) and would like to hold a Minecraft party on the opening day of the movie. The party will be RSVP only, and RSVPing will automatically enter you in a (Free) raffle. I do not have a set time, as I would like to pick a time convenient to everyone coming, because many of us live in different timezones. I live on the east coast of the U.S. but others could live central time, Hawaii time etc. The room I have created is a 15x15x3 square although I can make it bigger if need be. Thank you to RandomZH at 1728 for having a free cobble gen, and TruthInOre at 911 for having Free wool. The party will take place on SMP1 at res 647, and there will be games, food, and fun to celebrate what will probably be an amazing movie, however the room is empty right now, and ideas for what to put in it would be greatly appreciated. I plan to add a second level for a pool. I will start with 15 slots and if more people are interested I will add more slots. Here is the space we are currently working with. 2012-07-11_16.35.19.png 2012-07-11_16.35.37.png
    Pretty empty, but that will be changed for the party. Here are the starting slots for the party.

    1. CreppaNinga235
    2. Gabe627
    3. TheTruffleHunter
    4. Mazz14
    5. Nexar
    7. Jeanzl2000
    9. xl_LIKE_A_PIGx
    10. Chascarrillo
    11. Sneeker134
    12. squigglyjeff
    13. Terr
    14. Nfell2009
    15. Dogsrnice
    With your RSVP application please post your requested number, and time zone so I can figure out a time that works for everyone later. BTW I'm so depressed I can't go to see the movie opening day.
  2. Get me no.1 plz
  3. Number 2 for me
  4. Alright you are added
  5. You too Gabe
  6. C'mon guys who wants to parteeeeeeee?!?
  7. Woot Woot! Eastern numba 13 please!
  8. Alright your on
  9. terr, why do u always beat me to #13??

    3 please

    (when it becomes availeble, 31)
  10. I love the number 13! It's been my lucky number jersey number in multiple sport. The year i had #13 on my lax team we didn't loose a game!
  11. Alright you got number 3, and btw I won't be back on tonight so if you want to rsvp it won't e posted on the list until tommorow.
  12. Alright guys post your rsvps I'm back on today, oh and I'm currently working on the raffle prizes :)
  13. A five person party, c'mon guys there's a raffle and everything.
  14. Alright Mazz14 has ingame requested a slot for the party I'm putting hime at spot 4.
  15. Hey post me up! LOL I'm already on but just started working can u give me build perms if u need anything? I don't think i can make the movie opening day but probably soon!
  16. Sooooo...I saw you have an achievement that says be batman and I'm listed /v 647 how do you do that?
  17. I wanna R.S.V.P
  18. So how do u guys have random achievements that dont really exist?
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