Taylor Swift is a goat.

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  1. O__O
    You scare me.
  2. Then i'm doing my job just fine.
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  3. I don't know if i should laugh, cry, or die
  4. If you're a boyfriend of Taylor Swift, you should cry.
    If you're a fan of Taylor Swift, you should cry.
    If you LOVE Taylor Swift you should go cry and die.
    If you're not a fan or a boyfriend of Taylor Swift, then you should laugh.
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  5. I forgot to turn my headphones down......that goat scared the living crap out of me ......XD
    Funny stuff.
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  6. Can't…stop…hitting…the replay button!
  7. I knew it!
  8. Thanks a lot my Taylor Swift obsessed Sister Punched me so hard after I showed her this :p
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  9. I feel myself building up into uncontrollable sniggers and always gut myself when it happens.
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  10. lol I cant stop playing it too. Going to show my brother and sister XD
  11. They played this on the radio a couple of hours ago. It started off as just the normal song, as always and then "AAAAAAH"

    I literally cracked up, sitting on a train, with earphones on. Oh the embarrassment. >.>
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  12. Goat making a lot of songs better :p
    Warning I spotted a few rude words and the Starships you should stay away from.....
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  13. Apparently shivvv96 does not find it humorous.. <,< *attempts to bypass youtube's block*
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  14. Try the one I linked it has the Taylor Swift one in it ;)