Tamable Marlixes

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  1. Do not hit the Marlix. Hitting the Marlix will enrage it and make it unable to tame. Instead, politely walk up to it with shiny flesh in your hand. Marlixes love shiny flesh and if they see you holding it they would not attack you for 1.5 seconds, giving you the perfect window of opportunity to tame it. Right click the Marlix with the shiny flesh and he will protect you from any mob that attacks you or any mob you attack. They can also attack griefers (they attack when someone breaks a block that you placed).
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  2. well, as fBuilderS said, this is to OP. But is you can breed two Marlixes that will give a smaller Marlix and weaker one then this will be a ton better. +1
  3. Same here. This would be too OP, but this part
    I like. However, if this were to happen, a) it would be extremely rare, and b) the drops would be reduced. Still,

  4. Sorry, but -1

    As stated, It is too OP and it wouldn't really make sense that a mini-boss protects you.
  5. It is a unique idea, but I don't think it would work.

    Marlix is a miniboss, it doesn't make much sense to tame a miniboss that's only purpose is to kill you.
  6. This reminded me of a little known bug with Momentus , which is to be fixed soon so you have 24 days to try it.

    1. Turn difficulty down to level one (remember and wait 5 minutes for it to take effect).
    2. locate a Momentus.
    3. Walk up behind so he doesn't see you and dig a hole 8 blocks by 8 blocks by 6 deep.
    4. Walk slowly round front of Momentus (he won't attack on diff 1), hold down shift and gently push him into the hole.
    5. His arms are now at the same height as you, so attach a leash to his LEFT arm (doesn't work with the right arm).
    6. Dig steps up out of hole.

    Take him for walkies :p

    EDIT - vault valuables first just in case :)
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  7. Hmm an interesting idea however as stated by others - Too Overpowered.
    However I think with a few changes to your idea it could be possible AND not OP. For one tho marlix is a skeleton so it would make more sense to use shiny arrows and use the shiny flesh for momentus instead. Also remember that at difficulty 7 and above they automatically attack (could be 6+ tho been a while since I fought one) so for taming purposes perhaps turn down diff to 1 to enter a 'taming mode' meaning taming would only be able to occur on d1. Also IF taming were possible that a player should only be able to have one of each. One marlix, one momentus...and NO BREEDING. And finally for miniboss pets don't have them behave like wolves. They were created as a challenging fight not for helping you fight so if taming were possible it should be for aesthetic bragging rights only...
  8. I don't like this idea.

    All reasons above