Talk about 1.3 here!

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Confused......1.2.6 or 1.3

1.3-Captain Sparklez 34 vote(s) 91.9%
1.2.6-Antvenom 3 vote(s) 8.1%
  1. The title says it all! I was going through some threads and saw alot of talk about 1.3 so......everyone talk about 1.3 or 1.2.6 on this forum!
    Questions of my own, if anybody knows the answers:
    Will cocoa plants be able to spawn next to jungle trees in town?
    How do you make a potion of slowness?(What ingrediants,netherwart, and what?)
    Will you be able to trade with villagers in town?
    Will the worlds be reset for the emerald ores?
    Answer and Ask the questions of your own!
  2. Also I will be opening a book store at my res(1103). I will sell everybook type there. Feel free to sell to me so I can sell to other people.
  3. 1. as far as I know, cocoa bean farms will be allowed in town, seeing as it wont lag the server like NPCs.
    2. No idea
    3. Most likely you will be. I see no reason why they will not, unless the server gets to laggy.
    4. Once 1.3 actually comes out and the server updates for it. They will have a poll, asking if you want the wild reset or not. But most people don't think what we would get out of the reset will be worth it.
    But on to me. :) I have set up so much ores/cobble/sand/coal. I've been mining for sooo long. As well I have made a bookstore on 8233 smp4 :)
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  4. I'll prolly make a bookstore and if that's a success, a guide library. The editable books have got me psyched! And it won't hurt to give newbies copies of The Empire Guide in book form. :)
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  5. Yeah I'm making tons of books because they will require leather after 1.3. Then to be able to write on the books you need a book, a feather, and an ink sac. (so Killing tons of squids in my custom squid spawner, that used to be my squid spawner)
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  6. To number 3, It would unbalance the value of some items I'd think. Also I wanted to edit my previous post but it's so hard to do on an IPhone (4s) On vacation.
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  7. Thanks for the helpful info!
  8. Supposively, the villagers with the green cloaks will give you the best deal.
    And yes, I have long awaited for editable books. I am so excited!I have alot of leather and alot of squid spawn eggs from my pond, and feathers from brutally murdering hundreds of chickens.
  9. i do not know y peaple do not wont the reset. i know peaple wont to keep there grinders in the wild. and i know enchaned pick are one of the bigest ways to make rupees. but the price of enchaned pick have went down do to so many peaple haveing grinders and makeing picks. if the wild reset no one will have grinders and thay will be looking for picks and the price will go back up. so im going to save all the picks i get and if there is a reset i will sell them to the highest bidder. and you can make so much rupees this way so i would like you all to vote for the reset.
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  10. You only get regular villagers from spawn eggs. :/

    Well before 1.3 because gobstone and I made Trade Inc. and we spawned out villagers and their all the same.....
  11. They are making a new type of villager(green cloak).
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  12. I've already finished the Empire's first library/bookstore (it's been done for a few days, I just haven't made the official post yet)... It has a main hall and 14 floors of bookstore, able to accomodate the best 30 or so authors, with multiple titles per author. I'll likely expand more soon too, more than doubling the capacity. Perhaps we should start a chain of libraries/bookstores?
    Check out my library at 6843 on smp3 :) (And don't forget to sell me books when 1.3 comes out!)
  13. Yes, what should we call it? Empire Minecraft Book Co. ? I like writing novels, yes novels, about medevil time periods.
    I can be a big help.
  14. Oh yay
  15. There's way too many new features for it to be 1.2.6...
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  16. Maybe just the Empire Library Co. (ELC). I don't want to be completely connected, but you know, have one on each server where we have a member, share books, etc.
  17. I like that idea! Good thinking. We need to have like a signature at the bottum of books that we make, like ~ELC~. Something to represent us.
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  18. Holy carp, you Library is amazing!
  19. Im sorry, but that is a terrible reason for a reset... Resets are for when the wild NEEDS to be reset, not for when an update comes out.
  20. the pont i wus trying to make wus that the biggest reson peaple do not wont the reset is that thay do not wont to loose there grindes and with the reset there is a apportunity to get lots of rupees and with more than gust the reeson i made in the last post but with all the new items.