Taking A Break

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  1. Hello all-
    I thought that I would post this here and let everyone know that I am going to be taking a break from EMC. Lately I have ran into problems in my personal life and minecraft has a big factor in what happened. I will be on sometimes during the day, but night time is a no go.. I have already explained my reasons to those who I interacted with on smp8, but I figured that I would let the rest of you guys know.
  2. Hopefully we all see you back on EMC again. (ofcourse we do as it's only a break :p)
    Goodluck in the real life, and when you feel like it - return :)!
  3. Thank you good sir. I was planning on going to your greif, but these past 2 days have shown me that I really need to get my priorities set. So good luck with that and your new build!
  4. I wish I knew why, But good luck and we all hope to see you soon ;D
  5. Basically it has come down to minecraft or the woman I want to spend my life with. And obvioualy you know that choice. I'll still be on sometimes while I am at work, just at night I rather spend time with her and not mess anything up.
  6. Well an update on the situation.. It all ended up going down hill and my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me :/ So I'll be showing my face a little more just to keep busy..
  7. ^^^ Wish we had a dislike button sometimes. Sorry to hear :(
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  8. :( Ayee I hope things get better from here on though
  9. Thanks guys.. This has really got me down somewhere low.. She honestly was the love of my life (I know I am only 20 almost 21) but when you feel something like this, you just know it is there... I hope that someday we get back together but as of right now I don't see it happeing.. Her step-dad kinda stepped in and was mean about the situation and pushed her away more so, but I can't change that..
  10. Hang in there, cami! I know it hurts, but if it's meant to be then a little time apart won't change much. If it's not, well, it will get easier to deal with :)
  11. Thanks Marg..
  12. Sorry to hear it comrade. Having been in those shoes myself, I know how rough it can feel. :(
  13. God , that's gotta be bad ... so sorry :(
  14. Its so hard to keep it together at work :/
    I know its not how you are to "win" back a person, but I honestly wish she would pull her head out of her butt and see what she is doing... She is not acting herself, and her whole family agrees with that..
  15. Yeah.. we just bought a mobile home together... so yea :/
  16. Sorry for the bump but does someone wanna give me girl advice?! XD
  17. You definitely don't want to be on Minecraft instead of spending time with her, but if you're on for say 30 minutes a day and it's something that you take use of to relax, that might be some sort of issue.

    Just my 2 cents. Good luck though mate, it's a shame that you had to break up. I've been going through the same thing, but I generally keep my private life off the forums because this is where I have fun... and escape! :)
  18. Then it was for the better. If the love of your life is not able to accept your hobby, then she is not the right one for you. There are many other fish in the sea, many of whom that would be fine with you playing minecraft.
  19. I get what you are talking about Alex. I dunno here no one knows me irl and I feel as if I would get true honesty and an unbaised opinion.. We are talking now though like friends so I hope that things get better with the time spent away
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