Take What You Want!

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  1. Hello Fellow Empire Minecrafters!!! Recently i had a 115k giveaway and SunnyDayz100 won that, so big CONGRATS to SunnyDayz100!!! But now i am giving everyone on EMC all perms on my res!!! Here is what you need to know:

    - Please do not Destroy any teleporters!
    - You can take absoulutely anything you want (besides teleporters)!
    - My res is on smp6 and is 12943!
    - I am giving everyone all perms!
    - I will post once everyone is aloud to come and destroy!

    P.S: what is the command to give everyone perms?
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  2. The command is /res set build t. :)
  3. Ok thanks, ill be back shortly to let everyone know when i've done the command
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  4. Ok come on down!!! i gave all perms to everyone
  5. Have fun everyone, take anything you want and abide by the rules, ENJOY

    Edit: Oh and post if their are any issues please
  6. Sorry guys but clearly someone didnt read, or chose to disobey the rule "do not destroy teleporters"!!! so now the teleporters to all the levels arent working, but you can still build up towards the floors so no biggy :) Everyone still has all perms, so take anything you want, oh and please dont plant lava and all that to destroy things people could take.
  7. Thanks Mr. Mouse. Very thoughtful of you. To whom ever pick up my enchanted pick, your also welcome -_-
  8. And while im at work to. Very nice. Always missing chances at getting free stuff. lol
  9. Thanks for letting us all grief your residence! I've gotten heaps of loot! :D
    It's sad to see you go :(
    But Thank you!
  10. Thanks for coming along and taking all the stuff guys :) there are some more bits and pieces around the place, so come on down and grab anything you want! and hurry, im reseting my res soon, ENJOY!
  11. WAIT FOR ME!~!
  12. Can't... still at work for another 3 hours at least.. might be longer idk for sure. :( But yeah I don't expect anything to be left there by the time I finally can make it on. :p Oh well except dirt.. but I have PLENTY of that.
  13. Big thanks to everyone who came to my res and took stuff, i hope you enjoy what you got, and i just reset my res :)
  14. Now what will you be building?
  15. Well, initially i was just clearing everything out, cause i was leaving, but i may build something