Take it all!

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  1. Hi all!

    Since I don't think Minecraft is a fun game anymore, I will give away everything on my res. It's a HUGE brick building with LOT of chests and other stuff.

    So, now I can't report anyone. Take what you want - everyone has got access to the res. Right now!
    SMP1 - 1053
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  3. Yep. Punish me! :p
  4. XD

    I don't particularly find Minecraft that funny any more either. Compared to modpacks like Tekkit, regular Minecraft just feels so... lacking in features.
  5. If only i had a pick...
  6. You are playing MC, and you dont have a pick?!
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  7. God if you come here with a pick and mine up all the stone, stone bricks, wool, and brick blocks you could make a fortune....
  8. break some of the wood and make a pick :D
  9. Haha;)
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  10. Great lol some one just lit the place on fire...
  11. I will buy whatever bricks you people get.
  12. lol...
  13. Geez the place was burnt down…
  14. There's still a lot of stuff and blocks to get!
  15. I thank you all for a great time at EMC.

    I will let you all have access to my res and take whatever you want. But it will only be there for about 7 days, so be quick. Take care of your self, and everyone else of course.

    Some facts about the house: Took 3 months to build (but where never finished). I took 2500 to make a full floor, and I made about 9 (above ground). I used about 40 000 brickblocks. About 12 complete apartments, a three-floor restaurant, and a public bath. And of course - the secret cellar (what might you find there?)

    Good luck everyone!
    Take care!

    kind regards
    Jonas Arneson (swe)
  16. All the stuff is pretty much gone. The good stuff I mean.