Tahitan's Jolly Events

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  1. Tahitan's Jolly Events

    I love Christmas and the holiday season and
    I thought why shouldn't I celebrate this
    magnificent season with all of you

    Scavenger Hunt
    When: Dec.13 at 4:00pm-6:00pm
    What: The scavenger hunt will
    contain an SC of promos scattered around a residence. To get these items, you must find Teleport Signs and there are some residence locations. To find out what these residence locations are just look on the forums for things that concern me (Sorry to be selfish). There is one book hidden on the residence which can be redeemed for 400k!!!
    Where: /v 4554 on SMP2

    What: Just type a number from 1-50 and you might win 5 mineral mincers. The winner is chosen with random.org.
    When: From this post to the 20th of December.

    1. Enterprises
    2. Rex1o
    3. Bat_King3578
    4. MellTheHundred
    5. EnderMagic1
    6. tuqueque
    7. Mman
    8. www2fan168
    9. sgx2000
    10. Fliva
    11. Depayy
    12. fBuilders
    13. Depayy
    14. Rhythmicaly
    15. SageCREEPER
    16. 607
    17. Kold_Ice
    18. Brooke1965
    19. FluffeMarshmallo
    20. BanditLM
    21. Salpai
    22. Ethy202
    23. Prestiged
    24. Richard4861
    25. nuclearbobomb
    26. RealTomsmasher
    27. GeistKitsune
    28. _Ulti
    29. FalleReavyn
    30. CallMeTower
    31. MidnightTune
    32. SkeleTin007
    33. ObscureGolem
    34. Allicanto
    35. b0bbythebuild3r
    36. FDNY21
    37. DJ_Krazy
    38. EPartain
    39. FunWart
    40. smp8_life
    41. Ark_Warrior1
    42. Arystina
    43. cj12115
    45. Crazy_TJ
    46. Mayoman100
    47. DanialBuchinger
    48. Seanawesome14
    49. ShyguytheGamer1
    50. Chair_Overlord

    More Events Coming.....(The Jolly Coronation)

    -Donations Appreciated-
  2. The Jolly Coronation
    Ever wondered who should be the Santa of EMC? Well, I have....This is The Jolly Coronation. Just submit a google form with who you think should become the Santa of EMC!!! I will count the results and the winner will get 200k and a random promo :D But remember this event is meant for the fun, not the prizes. The event will end on the 22th of December :D

    Google Form:

    -Please, Only Make One Entry, No Alts-
  3. The Jolly Coronation event has been made :D
  4. Where do I post the number?? If here then I choose #26
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  5. Yes, You post the number on this thread.
  6. So whoop whoop on 26
  7. 17 :D
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  8. I want to join in the fun :)
    Give me number 32
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  9. Everyone loves candy canes
  10. Can I have 43 please? :) Thanks for the hunt. :)
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  11. I'll take 14 please! :)
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  12. 44 please
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  13. All replies have been recorded
  14. Already gotten some coronations, All results are still tied and we already have some staff in the game :p
  15. Give me 37...
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  16. Already Taken
  17. fifty please
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  18. Lol pls pik me 4 santa bruh!