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Tahitan's Auctions, What is your thought?

I love it. 6 vote(s) 85.7%
Nice, But Needs Some Fixing. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
It is very decent. 0 vote(s) 0.0%
I would sadly pass on this one. 1 vote(s) 14.3%
  1. Tahitan’s Auctions

    “Quality Over Quantity”

    Tahitan here with a new business
    called Tahitan’s Auctions. This business
    focuses on giving the forums the best
    Auctions players have ever seen.

    What we need from players:
    Tahitan needs to know what are the prices of items
    and what item is in demand. Without
    the help of players Tahitan’s Auction can
    not be the best Auction house in EMC.

    Items that Tahitan needs appraised:
    1x DC of XP Bottles
    1x DC of Quartz Blocks
    1x Diamond (All Forms)
    1x Gold (All Forms)
    1x Iron (All Forms)
    1x Coal (All Forms
    1x Redstone (All Forms)
    1x Lapis Lazuli (All Forms)

    Tahitan is appreciating every comment.

    Items in Demand:
    Tahitan would appreciate for players
    to take some time for Tahitan’s
    Auctions and make a thoughtful
    response of which item is in need at
    the moment.

    Next Auctions:

    ~DC of Iron Ingots~

    Tahitan will behaving an Auction house
    for housing the access chests and
    giving some [PREVIEW] chests
    to have a sneak peek for Tahitan’s
    auctions to come. The location
    is at /SMP2 /v 4554@Auction.

    Important Notice:
    Every Auction Tahitan bids on and wins
    Tahitan will be using the won items for
    Tahitan’s Auctions. Tahitan would like to
    tell EMC players this because Tahitan
    doesn't want any confusion or
    fights about why Tahitan is using
    the won items for personal wealth.

    More Information:
    (Will Be Added)

    This Thread will be changed 24/7

    “Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness”
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  3. and Haro is appreciating this third person speech goodness

    DC diamonds!
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  4. Sounds awesome, Will look forward to your auctions! I think lots of COAL in Any form. Good luck Tah!
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  7. I love it
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