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  1. Alright everyone, I bring to you today my new favorite game (besides Minecraft of course). It's called TagPro, it's essentially capture the flag, and it's extremely addicting. At first it seems really difficult or strange, especially the movement, but once you get used to it it's very fun and allows for complex jukes and strategy. It's in browser, and you only need a Google account if you want to register (playing as a guest is an option). It's growing pretty rapidly right now, and has a great community and competitive league that's Reddit/Mumble based. I typically play on the "Centra" server with the username "Iron_Ball" for a few hours each day, so hope to see some of you around. An informative infographic, short tutorial video, and the links are below.


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  2. Fun stuff. I can't find a server called Iron_Ball, though.
  3. Iron_Ball is my username, I play on the server "Centra." Might have typed that a bit confusingly :p Editted the OP a bit.
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  4. My player name is Smartishness, by the way. I'll probably be playing quite a bit :)
  5. I'll definitely give this game a shot! My username will probably be Potato. :3
  6. If you guys have time tonight, I can create a group (I'll name it like EMC or something) and then we can play together. With 5+ people we can even do private matches
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  7. I'm game.
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  9. This game is fun. I play as jkrmnj.
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  10. so fun xD
    im totally not princebee
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