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  1. Hi there!
    You might have heard of the new and popular Wilderness-Group, The Epic Survivors.
    We made our base today, and built a few things.
    2 of our awesome members mined alot, and found many stuff.
    But to keep all that stuff safe, we need to lock chests.
    To lock chests we need money.
    We also need money for building our base and such, and right now we're saving to buy a Silk Touch pick =D

    And we don't want to spend too much money on this, even if the group is good.
    So, now, we're asking YOU to help us by donating some Rupees!
    Later on, we might add that you get some "weekly payment" of the stuff we farm and mine ;)

    T.E.S is now closed, thanks for the donations.

    You will also recieve these titles if you join us, based on how much you donate:

    Wood Donator - 100r-199r
    Stone Donator - 200r-399r
    Coal Donator - 400r-499r
    Iron Donator - 500r-649r
    Gold Donator - 640r-779r
    RedStone Donator - 780r-899r
    Lapis Donator - 900r-1299r
    Obsidian Donator - 1300r-1599r
    Diamond Donator - 1600r-3499r
    BedRock Supporter - 3500r+
    Master Donator - Leading Donation!!!

    Donating Count:
    Appament - 10.000r
    Amadai - 6.000r
    SoulPunisher - 700r
    Emsat - 400r
    FlevasGR - 150r

    Rupees left of donations: 6.700r

    We really use up the money fast...
    But atleast we use it for a good a cause :)

    Link to the T.E.S main thread: http://empireminecraft.com/threads/the-epic-survivors.3828/
  2. For info on how to donate, simply contact me either here, in-game or through a conversation :)
    All rupees go to T.E.S!
  3. 100 rupees from me and i want to join in your group :)
  4. Ok, send the rupees to me :)
    Also, I'll put the link to the T.E.S thread here.
  5. Yet another one...
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  6. Thanks SO much Apamment for donating the big 10.000r!!!!
    T.E.S is happy!!!
  7. I still have not recieved the r...
  8. Sorry :p The server was full
  9. Thanks Amadai for donation of 6k rupees!!!
  10. I donated 700r to you.
  11. 150r donated :)
  12. ill donate when i get more
  13. Ok, hope that you get more soon then!!! =D
  14. You realize the wild's about to reset?
  15. Not SMP7 :)
  16. Ahhh SMP7
  17. I will donate 400r :)
  18. We really need more donations, we want to buy a Silk Touch Pick =D
  19. Please explain.
    A good cause.. Being a Silk Touch Pickaxe?
  20. Explain what?