Switching to a different Empire server

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  1. Okay, i was thinking about switching to one of the other servers. I'm currently at smp4 and i was wondering, which server is the most active?

    Kinda getting bored of smp4 :p lol
  2. 3 or 7. 7 if you want to join the LLO, 3 if you want to see a older sever.
  3. 8 is alright! Not too many super malls but there is always something happening.
  4. SMP6 if you want alot of malls.
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  5. Well, i plan on opening my own store as i have in smp4 :p lol

    What is the "LLO"? :O
  6. 8 if u want to have fun.
  7. Don leave smp4. Even 1 player in smp4 is a bug part of the whole smp4 server.
  8. Smp3 :D Has good players and some epic builds! :D
  9. I live on smp9 but i wish i lived on smp2 it has tons of malls and lots of donaters! :D
  10. 1 its really hecktic xP
  11. I have my res on smp3 and am thinking of changing servers. Mosty because of the lack of shops. I buy most of my supplies on smp2 w/ alexchance's shop. Smp3 seems almost dead to me in the town chat. No one says where I can find any items that I ask multiple times. People get "married". Maybe I'll just redo my res.
  12. People are getting married on SMP3?

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  13. And on SMP6.
  14. nooooooooooooo im on smp9 don't do that to us!!!!!!
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  15. Your point is....?
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  17. Well why dont we make more shops on smp 3 and smp 3 has district 67 it aint dead! :cool:
  18. SMP1: Epic creations, not much activity tho
    SMP2: Economy is here! alexchance, leowaste and other mega malls!
    SMP3: The district 67 is here :D
    SMP4: It seems like I don't know much about this...
    SMP5: more super malls- HEY YEAH!
    SMP6: I don't really know...
    SMP7: SMP7 Last Light Outpost! ASHCFVIUSKHD4!"#!
    SMP8: Always something to do!
    SMP9: Don't mine here. - Go make a shop because some dude says.
    SMPLIFE: If you just go ahead and make criticism out of everything I write here, go find the tallest window and stand at the border for 10 minutes, if a suicide desire doesn't come to your mind, come back here and keep the critics! (Note: I'm just trolling, please don't do that)