Swimming Zombie

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  1. Inspired while watching zombies swimming around one night......

    Swimming Zombie by Unknown Format.

    Oh you silly zombie.
    Out in the ocean swimming.
    Are you looking for an island
    of easy zombie women?

    You just swim around in circles
    and this is very strange.
    Even for some dead guy
    with a worm infested brain.

    Struggling through the water
    with your stiff and rotten limbs.
    Wait an hour after you eat
    before you begin your swim.

    But I am sure you have your reasons,
    and believe your cause is just.
    But the sun is rising quickly,
    and into flames you will soon burst.

    Oh you silly burning zombie.

    ~The End~
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  2. lolwut
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  3. Nice poem!
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  4. Turn it into a song :p
  5. that is a very good poem i must say!!!
  6. I like it, but there's one problem at the end. At the end you seem to be warning the Zombie that he should have waited to go into the water, but if he stays there after the sun comes up, he is actually safe from bursting into flames.
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