SW Account Hacked, Possibly Quitting YT

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by CoryLovesYou, May 30, 2016.

  1. My SmallWorlds account was hacked tonight, could be done with YouTube all together.

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  2. Yo never give up
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  3. Life sets obstacle for you to pass, not to stare at them in agony. So, keep up the work! make it so you will reach a higher goal than what you were aiming for.
  4. Yeah
  5. You have 5k subs!!!!!!!
    I'm subbing
  6. A recommendation for the future, use LastPass to have extremely secure and encrypted passwords while preserving convenience.

    It makes your account passwords really long and therefore extremely secure, but using your 'master password', you can fill them in conveniently. It makes the chance of getting bruteforce hacked nearly nonexistent.

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  7. A password manager is definitely the best way to go: always make sure that you use different passwords on different things on the Net (websites, FTP sites, download sites, even in game registrations such as Minecraft). However, I would recommend to go over this list of password managers first:


    The problem is that there are a lot of password managers out there which might seem like a decent solution but basically only want one thing: your money. In other words: they work fine for a small amount of passwords but the moment you really start to use it they'll come nag you to go with their not-so-free versions. And since you already got plenty of passwords entered it'd be a drag to switch at that time...

    Which is exactly their plan from the getgo and why I personally mistrust most "freemium" options.

    Anyway, hope this can help.


    PS also be extra careful with managers which don't store their data on your computer but online. that can also become a problem in itself.