susuggestion for a staint pattricks day promo

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box Archives' started by hallandr721, Oct 11, 2013.

  1. So i was shearing sheep ehn i thought a great promo for st. pattricks day. the idea is for you guys to make looting 4 and unbreaing 5 shears and call em the lucky looters :p
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  2. You're about 7 months late....
  3. Or early
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  4. Nice idea, but you have to draw the line on how many promo's there should be so that they remain 'special'. If you had one for Saint Patrick's Day, then I would want one for Saint David's Day and then some people might want one for Saint George's day and it goes on and on. Also, it's 7 months away yet. :p
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  5. We don't need them ALLLLL the time. Just once in a while lol,
  6. There should be a promo for every holiday. Like one for Halloween that's coming up. And nice idea!
    (Halloween is my favorite holiday btw!) :D
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  7. I think that too many promo items would begin to get crowded and they wouldn't be as special over time.
    Plus they would need to be relevant a little, for Labour Day, we had the Labor Bench, not any old item :)
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  8. Yes please!!! Im lucky!!! I would buy this!!! PLZ :D
    Maybe not shears, but something else lol