Suspicious death

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  1. Yesterday I logged on my alt, LilyOsmunster, and had the message YOU HAVE DIED immediately when I entered the server! There was no staff on and I didn't report it yet, but when I logged out the night before I was at full health and hunger and standing in a safe place.
    Deathlog said that I had died 19 hours before so of course I lost all my enchanted diamond equipment, some sponges, and of course everything else in my inventory. Is it possible to find out how this could happen? I don't understand anything, had to spend a couple hours just trying to replace my equipment. Help please?
  2. Your last death on that account was being slain by an Enraged Zombie. Item despawning is different on EMC, so if the chunk you died in hasn't been loaded since your death, there's a good chance the items are still there.
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  3. but! if the chunk is loaded because you haven't respawned... well then it can very well despawn :(

    I'm sorry about your loss. dying sucks but losing your stuff is way worse. If you need help replacing it I can help ya tomorrow night.
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  4. AlexChance Thanks for checking on cause of death.
    I never log out with an enraged mob nearby - and most certainly would not have logged out after I died without gathering my stuff! Is there any way a mod can see what I had in my inventory? I don't know how it is possible that I died while logged out. As this must have been a bug I would like for admin to replace some of it if possible. If not then I'll live - I have enough stuff to replace it myself since it is my alt so I wouldn't ask any other member to help. Thank you for offing though, Gawadrolt!

    I don't remember everything but I always wear a full set of dia armor with enchants but don't remember which enchants, and an enchanted dia pickaxe and sword, and enchanted bow - but which enchantments I surely don't remember. I did have some sponges on me but don't remember how many, somewhere between 10-15. I can't think of anything else valuable I had on me when I died. I nearly always carry a good supply of wood planks, iron ingots, dirt, and cobble, and full set of other tools but most often of iron. I had a whole lot of bones in my inventory as that was what I was gathering on that day.

    The chunk loaded after my death, it was in the center of my outpost and we have several active members from different time zones.
  5. Petunia, the zombie may has well spawned while you were afk. I, personally, have not been out to the outpost since about 3 days ago, you can try ask Birosquinha. It seems like he has been out there a bunch.
  6. I wasn't AFK, I was logged out, that's the thing - when I logged out there were no mobs in sight and I was not in any danger.
    Thanks for the tip on Birosquinha! He posted that he had been in there after me but didn't see my stuff so it must have despawned before he went down. HannahEB was also in there for awhile keeping me company but she didn't find anything of mine either.