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  1. Was looking through Facebook pictures the other day, and I found these:
    3 months old, when some of the other guys were still alive. He was the first one to get this big:

    4 months old:

    5 months old:

    10 months old:

    As you can see, Cocoa (the brown one) likes human contact, whereas Sparky (the gold one) will panic if he sees a human. One time, he flipped out and smacked his nose on the glass, ricocheted backwards and got stuck in a plant - I had to help him out of the plant, and he wouldn't stop thrashing about.
    Cocoa also likes to bite my finger ;D

    Basically, I got 24 Axolotl spawn for my birthday. They all ate alot of their food, however none of them grew apart from the two I have now. They all ended up dying. The ones who were left at the end died a horrible death - but died in comfort. An insect got into my food supply, somehow (from the shop :/ haven't bought from there for a long time), and killed one of them, I killed it before the other one died completely - he ended up passing within the half an hour surrounded by all of the food he could eat. He ate a little bit of it, before I came back, wished him well, and watched his final moments play out right in front of me.

    The two I have now have had some "experiences", should I say. Sparky has fallen ill 5 times, to the point where i've had to leave him in new water by himself. Cocoa has never really been ill.
  2. By the way, these two will have an entire website dedicated to them :D
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  3. OMG you've probably been told more than once but... POKEMON! They are very cute and weird. Hope they keep doing well.
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  4. Website please :p
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  5. I find these incredibly adorable
    I have always liked Axolotl :3
    I had a Largemouth Bass for a while, as well as a snapping turtle found him at a park almost dead D: he was just a baby.
    The snapping turtle got too big so he lives in my Uncles Pond and scares all the dogs away now, and the Bass died of age.
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  6. I.. Want... Some.. NAOOO!
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  7. Yup. Alot of people say they look like Mudkips :p