Survivor - The new horror story on WattPad!

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  1. I recently started writing a Horror, action story and i thought the EMC members might like! here's the description:

    Alice is a normal girl, many mysterious things appear in her life but the day before halloween it all gets a little crazy. Her dad seems to be hiding something...But what?

    This is a Horror Action-y type of story Inspired by the band Hollywood Undead.

    Hope you like the idea! here's the link:

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  2. Cool!
    Will more chapters be added?
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  3. Yup! sooner or later haha
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  4. Hehe, more suspense in chapter 3!
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  5. XD
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  6. That was a amazing story!
    I really loved it, because of the way you write the things that happen down and how you describe a lot in detail.
    Keep going i dont want to stop reading!:)
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  7. Thanks haha, working on a new chapter, i have no idea what to write XD i'll try get insparation =3
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  8. What's the age restriction? I'm kind of scared :3
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  9. If you don't get scared at stuff like horror games, it should be fine, if not i'd say above 12, depends haha
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  10. Bump, new chapter added btw!