Survivor 2099

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  1. Only about 1 day left.
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  2. Am I the only one who doesn't get exploded heads if I headshot? :p The bullet usually just goes in through the side of the head and leaves a small mark. I rarely get the 'explosion' of cranium and brains :p
  3. I get the all the time. Dat glorious headshot
  4. Well, 4 hours left i think. The site doesn't open anymore. :rolleyes:
  5. Where can I watch them? I cannot remember.
  6. I hope you guys know its still 9 days till it opens
  7. Nuclear Winter is coming in ---

    The countdown was for another morse code. Last time I checked, it was still being deciphered.
  8. Well, it keeps going up and down. People think it is a publicity stunt for fallout 4
  9. Seeing as Bethesda keep refusing to comment on it, it's most likely legit.

    This thread has reminded me, i've been playing Skyrim all weekend and I haven't played any Fallout game properly (actually done quests and stuff) since Thursday :p I did scratch on FONV on Friday to complete that Boomer quest, but I just decided 'nah', and downloaded Skyrim :p

    I hope that they add Skyrim's sprint system (and for god's sake Bethesda, make it something other than the ALT key -.-) and level-up system into Fallout 4. And i'd also like to see you start as a prisoner and work your way up to redemption like how the original Fallout 3 made by Interplay (before Bethesda got a license to publish 3 Fallout games in 2004 and bought the franchise in 2007) was supposed to be :3 And also choose if you're rightfully convicted or not, and also what you're incarcerated for.

    Also have it so that people are wrongfully imprisoned and the prison-keepers are abusive if you're wrongly incarcerated, so you organise a riot and break out and take down the prison-owner faction with the help of BoS and some others. Or, if you're rightfully imprisoned, you break out of the prison and link up with raiders and evil factions :D
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  10. Sounds cool! Ive been playing skyrim too this weekend, it took me 5h to find out what the sprint key was..
  11. Annnnnnnnd it's fake...

    Tunnel Snakes rule, were the Tunnel Snakes. That's us, and we rule!
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  12. When played Fallout 3 I saved Butch's mom and killed him when I came back into the vault(To get his Toothpick [Unique Switch Blade])
  13. Good news everyone hopefully.

  15. I think my jaw hit the floor when I saw it in my sub box, it's nothing concrete so I wouldn't be hoping for one in the near future but it sure does sound like one is being worked on.
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