Survivor 2099

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  1. This website is getting really hyped up now.

    The morse code originally counted down to 11th December 2013. Then, the site was found to be registered under Zenimax (owner of Bethesda) and the Vault-Tec logo is under the countdown.

    Just an hour ago, the page was updated, and a title reads:

    "Nuclear Winter is coming in 6days, [hours] [minutes] [numbers]".

    Are we looking at a Fallout 4 reveal on December 1st? Post your theories! :D
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  2. San Francisco maybe the next location...
  3. 2299 is also the year dragon tombs will come out (relating to the title)
    the site is and after seeing this site i automatically thought of 2012.
  4. *dies inside*
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  5. Maybe there could be a fight over the Gilden Gate Bridge, like there was in Fallout: New Vegas?

    Also I forgot to mention Fallout 4 got trademarked in Europe last week and Bethesda have been scouting locations in Boston. I'm really hoping Obsidian and Bethesda work together on gameplay and they get a good storyteller to write the plot. Fallout 3's plot was terrible, and Fallout: New Vegas' only good because its location had already been explored twice.
  6. I love Fallout 3, and I hated NV for not being able to play after the main story was completed..
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  7. I have a mod to stop that ;) I only completed They-Went-That-A-Way and Ring-a-ding-ding yesterday after messing around in-game for nearly 3 months :p
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  8. But if you play on a console you can't mod...
  9. PC the MASTER RACE!! (But I play on the ps3 :/)
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  10. That's why you don't play Fallout on a console. It's too buggy, there's no mods, and also I can't aim on consoles :p
  11. I really disagree with your opinion in Fallout 3's plot, but I am a nice person therefore I won't judge. Too Harshly. Probabaly
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  12. I have the same problem.. aiming is hatefull.
    And once i played skyrim and there was an annoying bug wich made it impossible for me too play the story line. Good part was that i was playing on a pc and was able of installing a mod wich fixed it. So pc is much better :D
  13. PC is better?

    *incoming xbox/ps3 fanboy* lol u cnt play gtav huehuehueheueheue

    j/k I agree with that.
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  14. Thats why i also have a ps3, so i can play console/playstation only games.
  15. Nah, I own a PS3 and i'm getting GTA V for Christmas ;) (And The Last Of Us. And Beyond: Two Souls)
    Fallout 4 release on November 22nd 2014?
  16. Nuuu too far away. D:
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  17. Good news is i'm getting a gaming computer 6 months before (if this date is true) Fallout 4 is released :D

    Also, countdown ends on Saturday.

    If this is a hoax, I will have the person who did this' head.
  18. The only problem is that they tend to explode :/
  19. Explode?
  20. Fallout Headshot reference :p