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  1. This is a quick survey that will tell me how to price my items. It shouldn't take more than a couple minutes.

    Answering the survey (while trying) will get you a free enchanted item (It will be a great enchant).

    Click here for the survey!
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  2. Nice survey you got
  3. Why must most of the numbers be greater than 2000?
  4. It's a data validation feature on docs. It's the absolute lowest I want for the items.
  5. Also, I have some enchanted items to give out! They'll probably be in your mail at the end of the week (I'm busy this weekend). Also, please still send me surveys!
  6. Nice survey, I'll remember yo place
  7. A bit difficult to decide with the depth strider :p personally on mine, I said 14k for the depth, thorns, unbreaking, feather and protection boots. Just for curiousity's sake, anyone think that's slightly accurate?
  8. I would pay like 4-5k for those :p
  9. Really? :eek: I'd pay that much for a regular prot IV unb III boots, without thorns, depth strider or feather falling. I figured death strider would be a very in-demand enchant, and thorns + feather falling would average to about 4k. So I added them up based mostly on book prices and enchanting costs :p
  10. Bump! I'm getting a lot of responses but more is are always helpful!
  11. I think i took the survey a bit ago dont remember
  12. You have taken already taken it on Thursday.
  13. Took the survey, though I have to admit that being out of the game for as long as I have been I may be a bit off on my prices. I based them on how helpful I would find them in order to gather items to make me more money.
  14. I have plenty of answers already! Thanks everyone for your help. I'm no longer accepting answers.
  15. I've sent enchants to 20 people and dirt to one person. Thanks for all your help. If you completed it but didn't get one let me know.
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