Surprise Event Tonight at 8pm EMC time

Discussion in 'Empire Events' started by Krysyy, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. I am going to host a small (yeah right, do we ever really do small?) event on the servers at 8 pm EMC time TONIGHT!

    The information will only be shared via forums. Consider it a way to 'encourage' forum participation.

    Location on smp6 will be announced 30 minutes before the event.
    You will likely need some armor =P

    Second part of the event: 'Mob's revolt' starts at 9 pm EMC time wastelands nether central spawn, follow the bedrock. You will lose your gear, but last one alive wins 'things' so plan for it.
  2. first
    Edit Woo! I'll try to go!
  3. Been looking for a reason to come back to town on smp6, guess this will be it.
  4. #EMCForumLife! :D Thanks, krysyy!
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  5. It seems like EMC events are centered around me being busy. I'm so sad.
  6. ill be there c:
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  7. I might be there depends on if i actually find time
  8. waiting..
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  9. Armor is needed... I am placing my bets on a version of firefloor with creepers and zombies :p
  10. awesome, will be there!
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  11. Sounds cool.
  12. darn im at work. Guess it be another EMC event i'll be missing
  13. We'll be trying to mix up the times a bit more here in the near future so we can hopefully get you at one.
  14. Just a quick question bc I'm dumb but what is EMC time?
  15. Type "/time" in game :p
  16. Ahahahahaaaa D: I can't come.
  17. its half an hour before the event what is it
  18. Read Post...
  19. of course krysyy throws an event while my computer is in the shop :/
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  20. Well why did you put it there?
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