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  1. Are upgrades a subscription?
    Do you have to manually renew your upgrade each month?
    If it is a subscription, how would you cancel automatic deductions to your Paypal account?

  2. I have checked that page, but it does not specify whether or not I have to renew my supporter upgrade manually and how to cancel supporter upgrades if they are a subscription.
  3. It will automatically charge you until you cancel it
  4. Okay, and how do I cancel it?
  5. When you are a supporter there will be some text in the supporters screen that gives you the option to cancel the subscription. Today I canceled mine to.... :(
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  6. Sorry about that. Would you say the upgrade was value for money?
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  7. I don't really understand that, but my subscription was cancelled because I was just iron for 1 month....
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  8. You renew automatically. To stop renewals just go to the upgrade page and press the cancel button. You wont be billed next month. :)
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  9. Diamond, imo, is value for your money. However, it is YOUR money, and YOU determine how you want to spend it.
    It wasn't automatically cancelled, was it?
  10. Nope, I was needed to do it myself, otherwise I would be subscribed forever! :D
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  11. Thanks for this information! :D I'm probably going to become a gold supporter soon.
  12. I've seen someone(ICC?) say that if you are a diamond or gold supporter you don't lose your residences when you unsubscribe or change your supporter level. Someone told me recently you kept your extra residences for a limited time until they were reclaimed. Can any of you supporters confirm this?
  13. To my knowledge, you don't lose your reses when you unsubscribe.
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  14. Which isnt a bad thing ;)
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  15. Nope you don't lose your extra res's. I've got my smp6 and utopia res still :D
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  16. That's good to hear. I started subscribing so I could map hide after I got mugged a few times and I also like having a reserved slot. Lately I've been thinking I'd like to build something new but I don't want to tear down my current res so trying gold for a month or so would resolve that problem even if I later decided I couldn't afford it.
  17. But volt? Are you going to be supporter?
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  18. Nah, my parents won't allow me. Thought they were gonna, but apparently not.
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  19. :(