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  1. Hello EMC,

    This is my 1st post so bear with my mistakes. I suggest a 1 year supporter subscription to be offered. The 6 months is great but I, a business owner myself see an opportunity to reach out to potential customers such as myself. A Parent of kids who are of MineCraft age, 8 to 12 and me ... 38. I see a benefit of a 1 year subscription in all aspects (Diamond, Gold, Iron) to not only support EMC's funds but the appeal to the parent's (That don't get the game like me) That they can pay during tax refund time or Santa just might read this thread.

    If nothing else, I suggest taking advantage of the time of year. I'm sure you do, did, have. Like I said I'm new but happy to elaborate on any questions or ideas.

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  2. I don't see why not ;)
  3. Sure! Maybe a 12-months-for-the-price-of-11 thing?
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  4. Just buy Alot of Vouchers at the times where you have spare money. The bundle deals are great for prices.
  5. if aikar or krysyy releases it, i will do all i can to GET IT (note that im not a supporter of any type my dream is to become a diamond 1) (and the skin on my profile picture is not my real skin i had it long ago)
  6. Hey again Merek! +1 from me :)
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  8. A 1 year system for diamond supporter is actually already in place for those that have requested it in the past. However, it's not recurring. If you need this, please pm me.

    If you are looking for something that happens to be around the Holidays, we offer Holiday voucher packages, that can then be redeemed in bulk to so essentially the same thing.

    We try not to go over 6 months with recurring subscriptions to prevent issues with the cards changing/people forgetting they have a recurring payment going through, etc. I know I recently had a paypal payment go through that I completely forgot was a yearly thing. We try to prevent this confusion.
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  9. Very well said btw i love the vouchers but what is the diamond gift that is included or is it secret?
  10. I agree that it is easy to forget about payments for a full year, heck, 2 weeks and I forget. I'm new so I don't know your set up but I would think reminder emails could be sent out. My point in this topic was to increase the supporters. Too often I see people getting a 1 month voucher, not renewing it and still keeping extra res's. I think there should be more to lose if you lose a supporter package or give incentives to keep it. Say someone who supports for 18 months straight gets 1 additional regular res. where as if you lose your supporter membership you lose the Utopia res. That was after all created for those who support. Just my thoughts.

    Thanks for reading,
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  11. You are meant to keep the residences you get with supportership. However, if you get gold, claim two residences, and then lose gold, if you unclaim one of those residences, you will not be able to claim another unless you buy gold or diamond again.
  12. maybe for a Yearly package, it would be as if you bought a one month, but would be a year instead, so Diamond.... $240. It could be setup to buy once and not an auto, of it it was auto, it would warn you ingame and email when your next bill is coming up... I have the same sort of payment system for my VPN Provider....

    I would love to buy some vouchers... but its just too much.... $30 for a diamond month....

    Canadian dollar is so bad... ger...
  13. See this is where I can see a change. So I buy a diamond voucher for 350k in r not actual Dollars. I get a Utopia res and 3 others and never buy again. I get all the res's which in EMC has the most value. Entity count. So I suggested 2 ways of making it more important to continue to be a supporter. I want to see EMC grow and my thoughts are for the well being of the players and the owners. The cost of running is high and if people "Cheat" the system, it isn't cheating, it's the way it's set up currently. The cost needs to be supported or there will be no EMC. This is a business that needs real funds to stay online, open, however you want to look at it.

    People who pay real dollars and maintain a supporter membership should be rewarded in some way or make those that don't lose more to encourage them to be supporters. I really appreciate your input!

  14. This wiki page outlines all the losses you will experience when you are not a recurring supporter.
  15. We're trying to add more and more perks that you wouldn't want to live without rather than taking away things you acquired during supporter.

    Taking away will just upset people, but perks that affect convenience are a better goal to keep long term supporters.

    While we def could make a ton more money if we made it more mandatory, that's not the type of server we are. Sure we love when people support, but creating a great experience and keeping our supporters (even previous ones who stopped) happy is more important to us :)

    People are more willing to support long term when they feel they are doing out of their own choice rather than necessity/force.
  16. Thank you Aikar!,

    Questions answered and this post has been put to bed by you and Krysyy as far as I'm concerened. I'm happy to be a part of this and expect to be a lifer here. Thank you for making it so great!!!

    What a GREAT TEAM!!!
  17. One thing to note, if you want to buy one year at a time, you can very well buy the 6 pack voucher twice, then redeem all 12 all at once.

    Same thing :) just 2 purchases.
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  18. can redeem multiple vouchers at once?
  19. Why wouldnt we allow you to? less work for krysyy lol
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  20. =P
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