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  1. So my birthday recently passed, and I received a bit of money. My parents made a paypal account so they could get me stuff with the visa gift cards I got. Well, I moved the money over to my paypal account and I came straight to EMC to buy diamond supporter, but it required that my parents put their credit card in, and they didnt like that much at all. Is there any way I could buy diamond supporter with just my paypal credit without them having to enter their information?
  2. From the little I remember PayPal (it has been a very long while since I used it for Supporter purchases), you should just be able to log in with your PayPal at checkout, and it just takes from your balance. Unless things have changed with it all.
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  3. Empire Minecraft is 100% safe, if your parents have any questions about the purchase process they can always contact staff.

    But to your main question, I believe you can login with your paypal.
  4. Empire Minecraft accepts Visa and PayPal.

    It costs 20$ and you will be granted 3 extra residences, a new chat channel, town chat in wild, and many more.

    A very wise choice to get diamond my friend ;) its 100% safe, Ive been diamond 3 times and iron 2 times.
  5. I know that, they have just had trouble with their card being stolen before and are super insecure about it. I tried logging in with paypal and it said I couldn't continue unless a card was linked. Anyways, its halfway resolved now. I bought a voucher and it didnt ask for the card.
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  6. I suggest buying Visa prepaid cards in the future.
  7. Both you and your parents should familiarize yourself with some basic computer/internet security. Anti-virus of course, how to spot common scams/phishing techniques, don't use your computer's admin account as a user account(!), use 2-step mobile authentication for your email, just to name a few.
  8. Now, I'm not 100% sure because my Paypal account doesn't currently have enough balance, which could also cause this situation, but the way I understand it you're asked for your creditcard details because of the re-occuring payment (subscription).

    You should be able to prevent this by getting yourself a supporter voucher instead. So instead of clicking on the "One month" option you need to scroll down some more and find the green pulldown menu which allows you to buy a voucher ("one time").

    Once again: this is assuming that you got enough credit on your Paypal account to cover the cost for a voucher ($5 minimum for Iron).

    Hope this helps.
  9. Thanks, but I already figured it out.
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  10. Meh, I'm stupid. Yah, sorry, I totally overlooked that other post of yours. Thanks for your response.
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