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  1. Hello.
    Recently, I got myself a Gold Supporter Voucher. But before I use it to grant temporary supporter status, I have a series of concerns and curiosity over the perks.

    Here they are:

    * Be default, gold supporters have 25 vault pages, as opposed to 2 as a regular member. I currently have 20 vault pages.
    Would my page count increase by 23 pages to 43 (25 from default + 18 from vault vouchers)? And when I lose supporter status, will I lose the additional 23 vault pages?

    * Gold supporters can own 2 residences at a time. I do know by fact that no residences are lost with supporter status. I want to have a residence on the Utopia server which gold supporters can claim from. However, I cannot find an open residence on there to take. Is there some way that a player will discard one of their residences on there?

    * What's different about the supporter-exclusive chat channel, threads, etc.?

    * Who can I contact to make me a supporter by giving them my voucher?
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  2. 1. Wait.. you got 20 pages and you've never been a supporter? :eek:
    2. Well, I don't got a Utopia res so yea :p
    3. Well, they are just supporter specific, only for supporters. On the supporter auctions you can have more then 1 auction going on at a time.
    4. I believe krysyyjane9191, but doesn't it say when you right-click the voucher or something?
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    1. There seems to be some confusion there, going to Gold does not automatically increase the number of pages you have. It merely increases the limit of the number of pages you can expand to by normal means.
    2. That's something I can't answer for everybody lol
    3. You will gain access to the "Supporter" Chat Channel, cross server and visible only to supporters. Global Town Chat is also a supporter perk.
    4. Fill out the form here;
    Very easy with the use of vault vouchers.
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  3. When you're a supporter, your maximum number of vault pages increases - you don't actually get any extra until you buy them (/vault expand) or use a vault voucher. Any extra vaults you acquire you will keep after your supportership expires.

    If you find a derelict residence on Utopia, /res forceclaim it for 5k.

    Supporter chat doesn't really have much action. I only see it used on SMP6. Regarding the forums, you'll have access to Supporter Discussion and Supporter Community Auctions. There are very few auctions in the supporter section, and the supporter discussion is relatively inactive - most threads ask for advice on projects or are regarding the end.

    Fill out a form at

    Edit: Chin ninja'd me.
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  4. You do not get any vault pages. Supporters are allowed to have (without the use of a voucher) up to a set number. You do not lose any vault page purchased (or obtained with a voucher) when your supportership expires.

    Residences claimed while a supporter are not lost when the supportership expires. You can lose it if you uncliam it or go derelict.
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  5. Ahh.. forgot about vault vouchers for a sec..
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  6. hmm, last I checked, we would still take the 5k from you for the foreclaim fee.
    It's easier on everyone if you do the command.
  7. Woops, I was thinking of a glitch. Let's, uh... forget this? ;)
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  8. I actually have a question that might have been already stated but the words are too big or confusing to me (jk) but for diamond supporters, the max amount of vault pages is 50. Say I have 50, but I got a vault voucher, would I be able to add 1 to get 51?
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  9. Yes! The loveliness of Vault Vouchers is that they can go over the limit for your rank.
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  10. omg yay!!! Thanks Rainbow ;) :D
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  11. You will not lose your additional vault pages. The only thing you will lose relating to this will be your ability to expand using rupees. You can still use vault vouchers to expand after this.

    Does the command "/v open" not bring you to an open residence? If not, then message me and I will unclaimed my utopia residence. I do not use or need it, it is a blank plot that I seldom visit.

    Supporters can all use the supporter forums, chat channel, and access town chat from the wild. There is nothing different, except for the fact that only supporters can use them, so it will just keep out non supporters. The supporter forums are seldom used, Idont think there was a single thread created in there when I was a supporter (two months). The supporter only chat channel is a well used luxury however, you will find many people to talk to when you are lonely at your private wild outpost.

    It depends. You probably have a new voucher, which means that all you do is right click it and click the green wool in the makeshift "pop up window." However, you might have an old one. In that case what you do is start a conversation with all of the community managers (Kryssy) plus Maxarias (Billing etc. Manager). You tell them you want to redeem your supporter voucher, and from there all you do is put it in your first vault slot and wait.

    I hope my advice is of some use. :)
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  12. Supportership has to be manually added, so you can't just right click them - that only works with vault and stable vouchers.
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  13. When I used "/v open" on Utopia today and yesterday, I was messaged back that no open residences are available on Utopia.
    Anyway, thank you for offering your unused Utopia residence! I'll try contacting you in-game once I'm a gold supporter. That way, we can hopefully guarantee my claimant!
  14. I am not on in game very often. What you CAN do is PM me on the forums and I will respond within 24 hours. :)

    My bad. I thought I remembered an update that included automatic supporter voucher redemption.
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  15. if you live on smp6 supporter chat is always poppin. everywhere else except utopia is isnt rlly used however
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  16. Just a small tip:

    This will show you the server overview. Not only does it allow for easy access to the livemaps on all servers, you'll also be able to see the available residences there. This might be quicker to check than using /v open in game. And I know: if you use /v open and there is one available you can claim it right away, this obviously won't ;)
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