Supporter is not updating!

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by bodoman, May 30, 2012.

  1. I have upgraded my account to a gold supporter account and it says I'm a gold on the site but I'm still a free member in the game! Help please!
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  2. *facedesk* Which world server do you live in?
  3. You may need to log out, and back in.
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  5. Ah, when I first upgraded to Gold, I had to log out, and back in for it to show, hah. I figured he might of been having the same problem as I did then. I've read that thread, somewhat, btw.
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  6. I live on smp9

    I tried that multiple times to no avail...
  7. bodoman:

    It is likely when you upgraded, the Main Server was down that holds all of the data, which means your upgrade wont have been recorded in the main server database.

    When everything is functioning again, a friendly pm to IceCreamCow informing him of what has happened, and Himself and Justin will fix it for you.
  8. Thanks! I'll try that!
  9. This, wins to this:
    I think i should go hide in my corner, brb.
  10. Have fun in the corner!
  11. Ahah :)

    Just a warning, the Admins are liekly to be recieveing ALOT of private messages during this time, so please forgive them if they are a while getting round to your message.
  12. I can be patient if i feel like it, fortunately I feel very patient today!
  13. It's dark and it smeels bad :(
  14. Some torches can fix the light and the smell can be fixed with some air freshener!
  15. I'm poor, not enough to buy torches (or make them) and it seems like there is no air freshener around :(
  16. Also... Welcome to Gold supporter club!!!
    Goldies are the best :D
  17. Hmm, did you try finding a better corner?
  18. Quite so, TNT is for lazy people!
  19. yes they are :p
  20. Nice Dragons, can I pet them?