Supporter Griefing

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  1. It annoys and disappoints me that people actually grief as a Supporter. I had a fairly efficient blaze spawner and nether wart farm, both of which were destroyed. I have no idea why a supporter would destroy these things, they could benefit themselves too, im not sure why someone would Not want a free-use blaze spawner or netherwart farm.

    Oh well... atleast the nether and wild are supposed to get reset soon =P
    And if you're reading this and you know you did this, just remember 1 thing....
    KARMA >=P
    Edit: I would also like to open the discussion of something along the lines of guardian stones, i know that these have been talked about, but i think we should get them sooner than later
  2. Well all they are is a regualr member who is willing/ can afford to give money. It just makes them stupid for getting kicked off something theyre paying for. It amuses me if anything,
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  3. So.. they pay to grief? :confused:
  4. Well they give money to EMC...then if they break the rules and get banned, theyre just throwing their money away, supporting a server that doesnt even want them and wont let them on.
  5. Herp. Most of these griefers don't even know how to grief. They just destroy stuff, and don't sell any of it.
  6. It's true. I'm surprised by the amount of mob spawners are missing due to people destroying them. It seems silly to me, and pointless to destroy one, especially blazes!!! I'm sorry for your loss, but i for one have never griefed. Just doesn't interest me at all. I love creating. Not destroying.
  7. Yup went on the nether in smp6 (didn't expect to find any spawner's anyway) and in the utopia but couldn't find any was slightly disappointed so i took it out on pig men (turns out great way to farm gold and ofc xp)
  8. Yeah I was having the same problems on SMP6 as well. So I just resort to what I do best. Building ^^
  9. It is a shame would expect better from people willing to support the emc community and because they wear a silver gold or cyan name think they are untouchable :L its pretty sad
  10. Not zombie spawners, though. Just go outside BAM zombies.
  11. Justin please add the option to lock mob spawners so that no1 griefs them!!!
    (guys, like this comment or spread it if u agree!)
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  12. However, they learn the hard way they are not in fact untouchable players.
    We will ban you whether you have been a supporter for 1 day or for the lifetime of EMC if you commit an act worthy of punishment, or even a Moderator...
    No one here is safe from being taken down a peg or two..
    Ask around, someone has a story to tell about witnessing Players, Supporters and even Staff being banned or reduced in rank.
    We do not punish with emotion, but instead with intellect, evidence, intuition and thorough investigation that leads to a proper conviction.

    Just as you have corrupt civil servants, you have corrupt Staff. Just as you have corrupt Investors, you have corrupt Supporters. Just as you have disobedient civilians, you have disobedient Members. - This applies to any community.

    I am not saying we currently have corrupt Staff, Supporters or Members but they have been here and banished but that just leaves opportunity for more to come along and cycle through as well...
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  13. I can't believe a supporter would grief! If they pay like $20 a month why would they risk getting bannned and losing their priveleges? Also what do you get buy destroying one NOTHING!

    I have a high amount of respect for dungeons and stronghold and I feel that they are an ancient place and should be preserved not destroyed without gain!:mad:

    Also why would you destroy something like a blaze farm? They are so awesome!:)

    But I think copherfield is right! Spawners should be an automatically protected item! The same goes for end portals.
    I don't think they should be locked by players though. Players might hog spawners.

    Another thing: Howe manty times have you gone looking for a dungeon and found one, without the mob spawner and all the rare items looted. And everyone knows how awesome dungeon items are.

    What JustinGuy should do is make dungeon items regenerate so that each player may take dungeon items once, per reset, per dungeon.

    Now that would be cool idea :D
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