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  1. Team Red will be going for our biggest win ever today since the team was founded by Cory and Spyro. As we prepare for the match that is coming up quickly, we'll be posting some Team Red content to get everyone hyped up for the match and show everyone what we are truly about.

    Team Red Anthem

    Members Participating Today

    Team Red's Mission
    A lot of you may think that Team Red is all about winning and dominating everyone else by all means necessary, and if you think that, you're close but not quite there yet. Team Red is more than just winning, we come together to play the UHCs because we enjoy playing, surviving, and fighting along side each other. Team Red was founded earlier in the year by Spyro and myself, and at the point it wasn't actually a team, it was just him and I and we chose the color red to be our official color every Sunday. Eventually, after winning a bit we decided to create the team officially and bring in more members, and so FoxyRavenger, Gawadrolt, and ItsMeChespin were born. The game where FoxyRavenger dominated everyone else in the game was a historic game in our history and was a big turning point for us.

    Team Red's one true mission is one thing, and one thing only.

    Have fun and win.
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  2. Sounds interesting o:
  3. 8/8 m8, Good luck to Red Team
  4. That is two things but whatever ;)
  5. Go team blue!
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  6. Shhh, we do both at the same time.
  7. says the nub >_>
  8. Team light gray (spectators) will win.
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  9. Considering the winner of UHC is the last team to die, and Rainbow kills all remaining players afterwards... technically the silver team does always win. ;)
  10. They always do!
  11. Here we go again...
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